Chili and Breadsticks

cals: 530kcal | fat: 21.00g | carbs: 56.00g | prot: 29.00g
Includes: hormel chili, pillsbury. 
"One Serving Chili and two pillsbury breadsticks"

Scallop Fajita

cals: 252kcal | fat: 9.31g | carbs: 23.87g | prot: 16.92g
Includes: scallops, tomatos, tomatos, salsa, low carb tortilla, peppers and onions, spinach. 
"Scallops, peppers onions tomatoes spinach on low carb wrap."

Spinach Scramble

cals: 176kcal | fat: 8.86g | carbs: 6.36g | prot: 18.86g
Includes: Egg, Tomatoes, Egg White, Milk (Nonfat), mushrooms, red peppers, Coffee (Brewed From Grounds), Baby Spinach, shredded cheese. 
"Veggies, Cheese and Eggs with a cup of coffee to drink"