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07 April 2014

It's a beginning of a brand new week! Thank goodness for that because I totally over did it on everything. I overate, over spent, over slept, the only thing I did not go over on was exercise because it was basically non existant all weekend long.
Do I feel guilty about this yes I actually do! What can I say weekends are my downfall! Both wagon wheels seem to fall off and there is no mechanic in site!
So off I go to start again, through the week is pretty easy. Although I do need to stop the munching when I get home. Perhaps substitute the food with a glass of soy milk instead. Not to mention it is going to be way too late to eat anyways as I will not be getting home until at least 1am.
Well that's it for me. My babble has ended now.
Grateful for:
My job and heading onto my 4th week!
My family
My friends
supportive buddies on here.
Food in the fridge and cupboards and the roof over my head.
Having the ability to do things that many others can not.
Being blessed to still be alive!!!
I wish each and everyone of you a safe week. May the strength of good health be with you!!!!!
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03 April 2014

Weigh-in: 138.2 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 10.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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29 March 2014

It's the weekend. I hope everyone out in FS land is doing well.
For me I thought I would do my weekly entry.
So let's see what's been happening? Well I am still working and got my first pay yesterday. That was a good thing. I'm starting to adjust to the hours, also a good thing. Also starting to not hurt as much and have received compliments that I am doimg a good job. Plus spring is finally in the Canadian air, well in my neck of the woods anyways! That's an amazing thing!
Any ways the only problem I'm having right now is eating properly. We only have a 1/2 hour for our dinner break and I find it impossible to eat anything but what others would consider a snack food. My stomach does not work like many others do, and I know if I ate heavier that it would rebel and not such a great situation to be in when you do line work. So what have I been doing well here's the problem I come home at night starving and munch away aimlessly. Now I know it is wrong, but I also know that I will not sleep well without something in my stomach. So this is my next big challenge to find something that I can eat at work that does not effect me. Oh it shall be fun!
As for the exercise well I wore my pedometer a couple of times and between my walk to the bus, walking around my job site, walking home from the bus stop I was able to chalk up 13.5km. ;). Yes seeing that did make me feel good.
Now if I can get the snarly butt scale to go in a downward motion all could potentially be good to go.
Today I am grateful for:
Friends old and new
FS community and my supportive buddies
My job and being able to survive a bit easier
Nicer weather on it's way
The promise of spring and the rebirth of all it has to offer.

Much love and respect to everyone. May you all find something that makes you love a lot, laugh a lot and live happily!
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20 March 2014

Thursday re-cap of this weeks events!
So I started my job with an orientation on Monday. They were even nice enough to bring in a vegan lunch for me, it was such a large portion that I actually had to split it in 2. However Monday was a "day" meeting.
Tuesday rolled around and it was my first day. Well I found muscles in my body that had either never existed or have been long neglected. Either way it was a good workout in some sorts. Woke up Wednesday with a OMG what have I done. With that also it was simply a matter of stretching out and then proceeded with the rest of my day.
I also was able to find some inspiration from my shift supervisor because she has recently lost a huge amount of weight.
There are two funny things right now, A) my appetite is nice and controlled meaning that I was probably doing a lot of over eating out of shere bordum and B) my uniform is too funny pants are too baggy and top is snug.
Why is it that when your weight bounces around that when you do start to slowly lose it takes forever to figure out where. So I guess I will be in between sizes for awhile yet.but that's okay because this is a marathon and not a simple sprint!
Today I am grateful for:
Family and friends
Having a job
Being supported on that job
Feeling better emotionally
Knowing I'm working my body
Simply being alive
I wish you all to have positive energy that gets you through your days! Xx
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15 March 2014

Hello out there in FS land!
I for once have fabulous news! I was able to land myself a job. It is only a temporary position but does have the potential of becoming permanent if I can prove mmyself. Well after all the ups and downs that is exactly what I plan to do.
So because of this (which I start on Monday) I have really been amping up on my walking and trying very hard to watch what I eat.
Now the trick will be to develop a new eating schedule as it will be afternoons and well I have not worked thwm in forever.
Today or tomorrow I will need to drag my butt over to that grocery store and find things I can make to take with me for breaks.
Can not fool myself that it is going to be tough at first but I know I'm tougher! Also my new motto is nothing ventured nothing can be gained.
Today I am grateful for:
Finding a job and the timing being right
Ounces being lost on the scale
Just being alive, and knowing that at my core lies something strong that has allowed me to keep going.

I send out positive vibes that equal positive outcomes for one and all! <3
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