cheerios and banana

cals: 432kcal | fat: 6.55g | carbs: 86.81g | prot: 12.50g
Includes: 1 cup 2% milk,  banana, cheerios. 

colleen's turkey wrap

cals: 435kcal | fat: 2.15g | carbs: 60.67g | prot: 42.70g
Includes: turkey breast, Pears, v8 juice, leaf lettuce, mustard, dempsters whole wheat torillas. 

Ham on a Hard Roll

cals: 417kcal | fat: 4.46g | carbs: 72.22g | prot: 23.38g
Includes: Hard Roll, 1 apple, leaf lettuce, mustard, sliced tomatoes, v8 juice, tuscan style ham. 

Light Breakfast

cals: 175kcal | fat: 7.30g | carbs: 27.50g | prot: 7.50g
Includes: activia fat free yogurt , frozen mixed berries, ground flax seed. 
"yogurt and fruit with flax seed"

On The Run Timmies Lunch

cals: 265kcal | fat: 8.00g | carbs: 34.00g | prot: 13.00g
Includes: Tim Hortons Large regular coffee, Tim Hortons turkey wrap. 
"Tim Hortens chicken wrap and coffee"

Orange and Mango Tilapia lunch

cals: 405kcal | fat: 14.00g | carbs: 39.00g | prot: 31.00g
Includes: mixed berries, toasted almonds, marina del rey orange and mango tilapia day, spinach salad dressing, spinach salad . 
"orange and mango tilapia lunch with spinach salad with mixed berries, toasted slice almonds and low fat dressing"

PC. Turkey Burger on a Bun W/Tomatoe, Lettuce and mustard

cals: 426kcal | fat: 17.11g | carbs: 38.01g | prot: 32.98g
Includes: leaf lettuce, mustard, sliced tomatoes, burger bun, presidents choice turkey burger. 
"turkey burger with lettuce, tomato and mustard"

Quick Breakfast

cals: 290kcal | fat: 7.04g | carbs: 46.22g | prot: 11.53g
Includes: 1 cup 2% milk, blueberries, quaker instant apple and cinnamon reduced sugar oatmeat. 
"oatmeal with blueberries an 2% milk"

raisin bran

cals: 402kcal | fat: 6.14g | carbs: 77.49g | prot: 14.15g
Includes: 1 cup 2% milk,  banana, raisin bran cereal. 
"raisin bran cereal, with milk and banana"

Sunday Bacon and Egg Brunch

cals: 654kcal | fat: 28.27g | carbs: 70.50g | prot: 30.32g
Includes: fried eggs, orange juice, bacon, whole wheat toast, Twice the Fruit Jam Spread/apricot. 

Sunday Brunch

cals: 357kcal | fat: 19.27g | carbs: 26.46g | prot: 19.99g
Includes: bacon, fried egg, whole wheat toast, sliced tomatoes. 
"bacon, egg, toast and tomatoe slices"

Turkey burger on thin bun / Apple

cals: 448kcal | fat: 13.74g | carbs: 57.76g | prot: 33.56g
Includes: 1 apple, leaf lettuce, president's choice turkey burger, thin buns, sliced tomatoes. 
"turkey burger on thin bun with lettuce and tomato, chipolte mayo LF"

Yoga breakfast

cals: 212kcal | fat: 11.18g | carbs: 23.84g | prot: 6.35g
Includes: Blackberries, Dry Roasted Pecan Nuts (Without Salt Added), activia fat free yogurt. 
"yogurt, fruit and nuts"

Yoga breakfast

cals: 272kcal | fat: 11.18g | carbs: 40.84g | prot: 6.35g
Includes: Blackberries, Dry Roasted Pecan Nuts (Without Salt Added), honey, activia fat free yogurt. 
"Yogurt, Fruit, nuts and honey"

yummy breakfast

cals: 182kcal | fat: 9.82g | carbs: 14.04g | prot: 10.09g
Includes: coffee, poached egg, butter, spinach, whole wheat english muffin. 
"poached eggs with spinach, on whole wheat english muffin"