2 Shakes of chocolate Body fortress with 24 OZ skim milk

cals: 678kcal | fat: 11.22g | carbs: 53.00g | prot: 103.20g
Includes: skim milk, body fortress. 
"four servings BF; double milk"

5 egg white omelet with mozzarella and pre-cooked bacon (1/2 cup m & four slices bacon

cals: 541kcal | fat: 33.20g | carbs: 7.20g | prot: 56.40g
Includes: egg beaters, mozzarella shredded, bacon pre cooked. 

BF: Both types Vanilla; 5 servings total; 24 OZ skim milk

cals: 908kcal | fat: 5.22g | carbs: 42.00g | prot: 165.20g
Includes: skim milk, skim milk, vanilla cream body fortress, vanilla body fortress. 

Bowl of wheaties meal

cals: 351kcal | fat: 2.67g | carbs: 76.34g | prot: 12.54g
Includes: skim milk, wheaties, sugar. 
"2 cups wheaties, 1 cup skim milk and two teaspoons of sugar"

cereal with banana and cream and 1 tsp sucre

cals: 378kcal | fat: 1.98g | carbs: 85.59g | prot: 9.51g
Includes: sugar, 2% milk, corn flakes, banana medium, Coffee (Large). 

nitro-tech vanilla with 12 oz skim milk (2 servings NT)

cals: 359kcal | fat: 2.61g | carbs: 34.50g | prot: 51.60g
Includes: nitro-tech vanilla, skim milk. 

One shake with 2 servings BF and 12oz chocolate BFortress

cals: 339kcal | fat: 5.61g | carbs: 26.50g | prot: 51.60g
Includes: skim milk, body fortress. 

spinach with dressing n tuna; tomato bisque Amyyyeee

cals: 626kcal | fat: 12.52g | carbs: 48.95g | prot: 71.98g
Includes: tuna, Laughing cow cheese, spinach, mushrooms, dijon mustARD, tomato bisque amy's. 

tomato ham stew

cals: 655kcal | fat: 7.43g | carbs: 113.32g | prot: 37.51g
Includes: tomato soup, ham lean, potatoes steamed, green pepper , green beans, onion, carrots mini, carrots mini. 

Tusons chicken can

cals: 300kcal | fat: 5.00g | carbs: 0.00g | prot: 65.00g
Includes: Tyson Chunk white chicken in water. 
"can of chicken"