Ham & Cheese Omelet

cals: 459kcal | fat: 15.00g | carbs: 37.39g | prot: 55.70g
Includes: Whole Wheat Bread, Tomatoes, Egg Substitute - Southwestern, 2% Milk Mozzarella Cheese, Lettuce, Light Mayonnaise, 97% Fat Free Premium Sliced Baked Ham, Sweet Red Peppers, Onions, Olive Oil Cooking Spray. 
"Ham and Cheese omelet with a side of fresh garden salad + whole wheat bread"

Herbalife Shake+Protein

cals: 110kcal | fat: 1.00g | carbs: 13.00g | prot: 14.00g
Includes: Personalized Protein Powder, herbalife wild berry. 

High Protein Shake

cals: 155kcal | fat: 1.00g | carbs: 16.00g | prot: 22.00g
Includes: Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage Fat Free, Personalized Protein Powder, herbalife wild berry. 

Pita + Lettuce Salad + 2%Milk

cals: 504kcal | fat: 15.37g | carbs: 35.53g | prot: 60.86g
Includes: tomatoes, lettuce, Flax, Oat Bran and Whole Wheat Flour Pita Bread, 2% milk, turkey breast, frigo string cheese, ragu. 


cals: 352kcal | fat: 13.93g | carbs: 24.47g | prot: 37.87g
Includes: tomatoes, lettuce, hellmans mayo, calorie countdown, turkey breast, frigo string cheese, low carb bread. 

Steamed Veggie by member cajdj

cals: 337kcal | fat: 3.36g | carbs: 70.71g | prot: 13.79g
Includes: White Corn Tortilla, asparagus, brocolli, cabbage, onion, radish, bell pepper, zucchinizucchini. 
"Steamed vegetables with corn tortilla, Under 400 Cals."