red lobster meal

cals: 1670kcal | fat: 77.00g | carbs: 174.00g | prot: 59.00g
Includes: Red Lobster Bread, Red Lobster House Salad, Red Lobster Key Lime Pie, Red Lobster Clam Chowder, Red Lobster cajun chicken. 

rice and beans

cals: 375kcal | fat: 4.50g | carbs: 69.00g | prot: 14.00g
Includes: mario batali, organic pinto beans, sushi rice, tomato paste. 
"rice beans and tomato sauce"

soup and fruit

cals: 360kcal | fat: 6.00g | carbs: 68.00g | prot: 8.00g
Includes: progresso, dole fruit cup. 


cals: 580kcal | fat: 7.50g | carbs: 108.00g | prot: 32.00g
Includes: Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Blend Thin Spaghetti Pasta, Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion Pasta Sauce, 99% Fat Free Extra Lean Ground Turkey Breast. 
"made with lean turkey and whole grain pasta"


cals: 451kcal | fat: 28.93g | carbs: 26.38g | prot: 24.38g
Includes: Green String Beans, thousand island dressing, Red or Cayenne Pepper, garden pepper, Blade Roast, Trimmed to 1/8" Fat, tomato, FE SPRING ZIP A&P 10OZ 10.00 OZ, a1 sauce peppercorn. 

Total 0% and whey protien w/oatmeal

cals: 340kcal | fat: 4.00g | carbs: 39.00g | prot: 38.00g
Includes: Fage Total 0% Nonfat Greek Strained Yogurt (plain), Designer Chocolate Whey Protein Powder, Quaker True Delights Instant Oatmeal - Wild Blueberry Muffin. 
"Fage 0% plain yogurt, chocolate whey protien powder, single serving of oatmeal"

Typical Lunch

cals: 910kcal | fat: 13.50g | carbs: 166.00g | prot: 40.00g
Includes: Quaker Oats Mini Delights Chocolatey Drizzle, Select Harvest Light Southwestern Style, Select Harvest Light Vegetable and Pasta, Select Harvest Light Maryland-Style Crab Soup, Select Harvest Light Minestrone With Whole Grain Pasta, Special K Italian Tomato & Herb Crackers (Kellogg's), Select Harvest Light Roasted Chicken with Italian Herbs. 
"Soup, Crackers and Desert"

Wheat and Fruit Breakfast

cals: 347kcal | fat: 10.14g | carbs: 61.00g | prot: 6.85g
Includes: Coffee (Brewed From Grounds), Multigrain Waffles, frozen berry medly. 
"2 Whole Grain Waffles and frozen no sugar added fruit"