Banana Berry Spinach Juice

cals: 272kcal | fat: 1.51g | carbs: 62.04g | prot: 4.15g
Includes: banana, frozen mixed berries, baby spinach. 
"banana mixed berry spinach"

chicken cutlets

cals: 360kcal | fat: 3.00g | carbs: 0.00g | prot: 78.00g
Includes: chicken cutlets. 

Coffee and Milk

cals: 87kcal | fat: 7.09g | carbs: 2.58g | prot: 2.92g
Includes: Cream (Half & Half), coffee . 

Egg Whites

cals: 51kcal | fat: 0.17g | carbs: 0.72g | prot: 10.79g
Includes: egg whites. 

Giant Meal Bar

cals: 230kcal | fat: 7.00g | carbs: 28.00g | prot: 15.00g
Includes: Fudge Graham Nutrition Bar. 


cals: 185kcal | fat: 1.47g | carbs: 42.91g | prot: 4.15g
Includes: Kiwi Fruit, kale, coconut water, strawberries, apple. 

Multi-Grain Cheerios and milk

cals: 405kcal | fat: 3.17g | carbs: 77.97g | prot: 17.60g
Includes: 1% milk, multi-grain cheerios. 


cals: 280kcal | fat: 3.70g | carbs: 56.12g | prot: 7.58g
Includes: oatmeal. 


cals: 175kcal | fat: 7.47g | carbs: 21.79g | prot: 4.93g
Includes: pancake. 

Peanut butter on wheat

cals: 348kcal | fat: 17.12g | carbs: 42.26g | prot: 16.03g
Includes: peanut butter, 100% Whole Wheat Bread Light. 

Protein Juice

cals: 297kcal | fat: 1.58g | carbs: 46.76g | prot: 26.88g
Includes: Baby Spinach, Giant Food Bananas (Large), Strawberries, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey - Vanilla Ice Cream. 
"Scoop of protein, baby spinach, banana, berry"

Tablespoon Peanut Butter

cals: 94kcal | fat: 8.06g | carbs: 3.13g | prot: 4.01g
Includes: peanut butter. 
"PB on spoon"

tortilla with cheese and salsa

cals: 248kcal | fat: 6.91g | carbs: 34.76g | prot: 15.48g
Includes: tortilla, salsa, Shredded Lite Mexican Blend Cheese.