Chick-fil-A fave!

cals: 424kcal | fat: 9.00g | carbs: 57.94g | prot: 30.04g
Includes: Chick-fil-A Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, Honey Roasted BBQ, Medium Fruit Cup Chick-fil-A, Sweet & Low, Unsweet Tea. 
"Chick-fil-A #7 grilled chicken sandwich, 1 packet honey roasted bbq sauce, fruit cup, no-calorie drink."

Greek Yogurt my way

cals: 136kcal | fat: 4.62g | carbs: 13.97g | prot: 12.58g
Includes: Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt, Walnuts - 1 Tbsp, Sugar Free Imitation Honey. 
"Done up right! YUM."

green smoothie base

cals: 174kcal | fat: 7.67g | carbs: 15.31g | prot: 14.06g
Includes: Curly Parsley, Avocado, Spinach leaves, packed , Syntrax WPI Nectar - Pink Grapefruit (1/2 scoop), Granny Smith Apple . 
"just the basics - add the extras in too!"

Jason's Deli favorite!

cals: 616kcal | fat: 31.00g | carbs: 75.00g | prot: 16.50g
Includes: Turkey Wrap Jason's Deli, Creamy Fruit Dip, Fresh Fruit Cup, Jason's Deli Tomato Basil Soup (cup). 
"All the stuff I get every.single.time I eat at Jason's: Manager's special with 1/2 turkey wrap, fruit + 1/2 dip, small cup of tomato basil soup. "

Multigrain Cheerios

cals: 175kcal | fat: 1.00g | carbs: 32.00g | prot: 8.50g
Includes: milk nonfat braums, Multigrain Cheerios. 
"Good ol' bowl of cereal."

string cheese & pepps

cals: 130kcal | fat: 6.50g | carbs: 0.00g | prot: 17.00g
Includes: hormel turkey pepperoni, string cheese. 
"Tasty, filling, energy boosting snack that feels WAY more calorie-expensive than it is!"

Tomato sammich

cals: 132kcal | fat: 3.93g | carbs: 23.16g | prot: 6.08g
Includes: tomato, sourdough light nature's own, reduced fat mayo with olive oil. 
"Um... a sammich. Of tomatoes. Lots of fresh pepper & some kosher salt!"