Chocolate dream dip with graham crackers

cals: 259kcal | fat: 11.23g | carbs: 36.45g | prot: 4.22g
Includes: graham crackers, Chocolate Pudding Sugar & Fat Free, whipped topping, Dasani. 
"Whipped topping mixed with jell-o pudding"

Egg Sandwich

cals: 261kcal | fat: 12.95g | carbs: 22.84g | prot: 16.26g
Includes: Egg, Oroweat Sandwich thins, Sargento Ultar thin Swiss cheese. 

Pumpkin pudding cups

cals: 104kcal | fat: 2.20g | carbs: 15.13g | prot: 1.40g
Includes: Pumpkin, Pudding vanilla sugar free, Graham cracker. 

Taco soup with muffins

cals: 827kcal | fat: 39.92g | carbs: 98.22g | prot: 19.56g
Includes: Beef Taco Soup, Original Soft Spread, jiffy corn muffins.