chicken brown rice salad

cals: 549kcal | fat: 5.57g | carbs: 90.50g | prot: 35.53g
Includes: corn, chicken, celery, tomatoes, Brown Rice (Long-Grain) . 
"chicken brown rice salad"

seafood salad

cals: 579kcal | fat: 38.02g | carbs: 14.47g | prot: 48.17g
Includes: scallop, sesame dressing, avocado, lettuce, sushi salmon, Yellowfin Tuna (Fish) , prawn, pollock. 
"samurai sushi famous seafood salad"

Toast with peanut butter

cals: 323kcal | fat: 18.24g | carbs: 30.89g | prot: 12.81g
Includes: toast, peanut butter. 
"toast with peanut butter"