chicken and rice by member maybaby

cals: 574kcal | fat: 15.47g | carbs: 61.29g | prot: 48.12g
Includes: cream of mushroom, chicken, sour cream, water chestnuts, brown rice, broccoli, panko. 

Chicken bordeaux by member maybaby

cals: 467kcal | fat: 21.68g | carbs: 9.78g | prot: 45.61g
Includes: chicken, garlic, vegetable oil, white wine, diced tomatoes, mushrooms. 

Chili by member maybaby

cals: 500kcal | fat: 28.54g | carbs: 27.65g | prot: 33.75g
Includes: sour cream, ground chuck, kidney beans, diced tomato, cheddar cheese. 

Cornbread & Sloppy Joe

cals: 535kcal | fat: 26.57g | carbs: 47.23g | prot: 26.53g
Includes: half & half, egg, vegetable oil, manwich, Ground Beef (90% Lean / 10% Fat), Hodgson Mill Cornbread Mix Gluten Free. 

lean ground pork and eggplant casserole by member maybaby

cals: 323kcal | fat: 10.26g | carbs: 20.87g | prot: 38.02g
Includes: egg, eggplant, chicken broth, celery, onion, tomato paste, garlic, ground lean pork, bell pepper. 

red potatoes with cheese by member maybaby

cals: 195kcal | fat: 10.75g | carbs: 15.08g | prot: 9.60g
Includes: red potatoes, muenster cheese, low fat cream cheese, 2% milk. 

spaghetti with wine sauce by member maybaby

cals: 439kcal | fat: 18.41g | carbs: 39.13g | prot: 24.19g
Includes: bertolli tomato and basil sauce, barilla pasta plus, ground chuck, onion, bell pepper, parmesan cheese, red wine. 

stuffed peppers by member maybaby

cals: 536kcal | fat: 26.91g | carbs: 45.00g | prot: 31.15g
Includes: bell pepper, brown rice, ground chuck, onion, barilla sauce, parmesan. 
"from cooking light"