5 OZ. can of Trader Joes Tuna...drained

cals: 217kcal | fat: 16.03g | carbs: 2.23g | prot: 15.70g
Includes: celery, onion, trader joes tuna, egg hard boiled, mayo trader joes. 
"I make this small can of tuna and add one hard boiled egg....2 teaspoons of mayo...about one teaspoon of onion and celery...about 1/2 stalk celery"

Atkins Cheesecake

cals: 3177kcal | fat: 308.21g | carbs: 42.17g | prot: 81.71g
Includes: cream cheese, splenda, vanilla extract, eggs, sour cream. 
"I am making this cheesecake again..since I love it. Using ShopRight brand cream cheese instead of Philadelphia....1/2 the price and same stats....I will have to see how taste is effected. I am buying Ez-Sweetz....2 drops = a packet of splenda..then I will change the ingredients in this recipe. 43 carbs when made with Splenda....and I have to see how many portions."

Cauliflower Bisque

cals: 70kcal | fat: 5.67g | carbs: 4.40g | prot: 1.49g
Includes: Heavy Cream, chicken broth, Cauliflower, Celery, onion. 
"1 small Cauliflower...1 small onion....2 tablespoons of celery....2 tablespoons of butter...3 cups chicken broth....1/2 cup of heavy cream...added after puree..then mix it....add salt and pepper. Net carbs of 36....make at least 12 portions for a net carb value of 3...approx. 1/2 cup portions"

Chicken Curry with Mayo

cals: 172kcal | fat: 8.18g | carbs: 1.50g | prot: 24.35g
Includes: just chicken trader joes, celery stalk, scallions, curry powder, mayonnaise. 
"I used the Trader Joes Chicken..already made white mean....3 oz. serving of this chicken is 110 calories and 0 carbs....added one stalk celery and a couple of scallions...and curry powder and mayo...of course"

Chicken Tenders with Almond and Flax Meal

cals: 295kcal | fat: 18.46g | carbs: 5.08g | prot: 29.70g
Includes: chicken tenders, almond meal trader joes, egg, olive oil, butter, Flax meal. 
"I use 1/8th cup of each meal...could have used a little more...next time use 2/3 cup...1/2 of each meal. I put a little splenda in...and pepper and salt. Used Olive oil and butter to fry...about 4 minutes on one side and maybe a couple on the other...cut and take a look"

Chicken with Mushrooms, Bacon and Cheese

cals: 145kcal | fat: 7.93g | carbs: 1.41g | prot: 17.68g
Includes: chicken, turkey bacon, mushrooms, butter, mozzarella. 
"I will eat between 3 and 4 ozs.....I used tenders this time...two of them are about 3 ozs....2 pieces of turkey bacon (precooked) 1/2 piece for each serving. 1 oz of mushrooms on each piece"

cole slaw

cals: 723kcal | fat: 50.94g | carbs: 64.64g | prot: 14.23g
Includes: mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, black pepper, cabbage. 
"probably about 1 carb for 1/2 cup...recipe says 4 grams for 1 cup..less 2 grams of fiber."

cole slaw ONE PORTION OF 1/2 CUP

cals: 11kcal | fat: 0.05g | carbs: 2.48g | prot: 0.64g
Includes: cabbage. 
"I will eat one portion at 1/2 cup..till I see if I am ok with this amount"

Crab Salad

cals: 132kcal | fat: 9.02g | carbs: 0.92g | prot: 10.60g
Includes: celery, mayonnaise, crab, egg. 
"1/2 a small can is what's in this...bumble bee brand if fine."

Crispy Cabbage

cals: 51kcal | fat: 3.89g | carbs: 3.95g | prot: 1.06g
Includes: cabbage, butter. 
"Medium head of cabbage cut in one inch slices with core intact if possible....I cut 12 pieces...instead of eating two pieces for 6 servings..I will most likely eat 12 servings...it can be frozen.....use 4 tablespoons of butter melted....put on cookie sheet and brush butter on each wedge...I used about a teaspoon on each wedge....salt and pepper...bake at 450 for 25 minutes or so, or until brown around edges."

EGG Omelet

cals: 354kcal | fat: 21.56g | carbs: 14.37g | prot: 21.37g
Includes: mozzarella cheese, egg, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, Cream Cheese, turnip greens, kale, shiitake, SoyNut butter. 
"I make with about 1 1/2 cups of veggies...1/2 oz. of Mozz. cheese....one whole egg or one to two servings of Trader Joes Egg Whites....sometimes I add mushrooms...about 1/8 cup...and I have either a MIM or bread....Healthy Express of course....one net carb...add to my food list every day depending on what I choose....also on here is cream cheese and soy nut butter"

Egg White Omlett Breakfast

cals: 414kcal | fat: 32.05g | carbs: 14.58g | prot: 20.22g
Includes: broccoli, Cooked Cauliflower (from Fresh, Fat Not Added in Cooking), turnips greens, flax meal, Egg White, butter, cream cheese, farmer cheese, olive oil. 
"I don't always eat everything on this list...I have little butter at breakfast and some of it at other times of the day...the same goes for olive oil and cream cheese"

Eggplant Parm

cals: 80kcal | fat: 4.21g | carbs: 4.31g | prot: 6.35g
Includes: eggplant cooked, farmer cheese, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese. 
"I used 1/4 cup tomato sauce..next time use contadina...it has less carbs per 1/4 cup....I only used 4 oz...mozzarella cheese...and 3 oz. or so of the farmer cheese....I used garlic powder, and italian seasoning...pepper and salt went into the frying pan when I made it sofa...before putting it in the over for about 1/2 hour on 350 degrees"

Farmer Cheese and Avacado breakfast

cals: 224kcal | fat: 18.41g | carbs: 6.66g | prot: 9.88g
Includes: farmer cheese, avacado, sour cream. 
"2.5 oz Avacado and 2 oz of Farmer Cheese and 1 tablespoon Sour cream"

Fish Breakfast

cals: 267kcal | fat: 12.58g | carbs: 9.05g | prot: 30.49g
Includes: sardines, farmer cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach. 

Flax coated Chicken breast

cals: 210kcal | fat: 7.83g | carbs: 3.52g | prot: 30.63g
Includes: chicken breast , salad. 
"I usually eat 1/2 of a medium breast with a big salad"

Flax Tempeh Lunch

cals: 248kcal | fat: 18.26g | carbs: 11.52g | prot: 11.67g
Includes: flax tempeh, salad, olive oil. 
"Had two pieces...1/4 serving in a salad...usual serving is 4 oz....I had 1 oz. "

Focaccia Flax Bread

cals: 138kcal | fat: 11.47g | carbs: 4.19g | prot: 6.14g
Includes: vegetable oil, eggs, 1/2 cup water, 1 tsp. salt, baking powder, flax meal. 
"I use veg. Oil at 0 carbs....and liquid sweetener at 0 carbs and 5 eggs at 5 carbs...and flax meal at 0 carbs...so, if I cut into 12 portions or so...about .5 carb per portion."

Frittata with mixed Veggies

cals: 125kcal | fat: 7.89g | carbs: 2.43g | prot: 10.61g
Includes: egg, broccoli, mozzarella cheese. 
"Easy recipe to be eaten with any meal..taking it to Thanksgiving dinner. Will be my stuffing."

Judie's Burger Scramble

cals: 254kcal | fat: 20.41g | carbs: 5.59g | prot: 12.42g
Includes: lean ground beef, scallion, chopped frozen spinach, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, heavy cream, garlic powder, SoyNut butter. 
"Copied from Dottie's Scramble...with a few changes by Judie...not a perfect count....difficult to figure it out, but I used one pound of lean beef and decided to make it into 8 portions of approximately 2 oz each portion."

My Flax Crackers

cals: 1282kcal | fat: 107.64g | carbs: 44.38g | prot: 58.06g
Includes: Egg White, havarti, flax meal, almond meal. 
"I try to get about 50 from this recipe...they are wonderful with my eggs in the morning...or as a snack with a little almond butter...which I am getting ready to try in a day or two. I count each cracker as 0.5"

My Flax Seed Crackers

cals: 834kcal | fat: 63.03g | carbs: 37.05g | prot: 33.71g
Includes: trader joes flax seed, shredded mozzarella cheese, garlic powder, salt. 
"These are delicious...I used Trader Joes Flax Seed not meal...and I added about 2 tablespoons of meal....I also used Shredded Mozzarella cheese and it is fantastic."

One Carb Bread with Egg and Cream - add 100 calories for 1 carb bread...about 320

cals: 212kcal | fat: 15.88g | carbs: 2.29g | prot: 16.81g
Includes: bread, turkey bacon, mozzarella, egg, heavy cream. 
"I used one piece of bread...one net carb....1 piece of turkey bacon (calls for ham)...1/8 cup mozzarella cheese....1 egg beaten with pepper and salt.....and I put in frig overnight...added cream in the morning....1 tablespoon only. Baked around 30 to 40 minutes...ate 1/2 and saved the rest...about 320 for whole thing.....1/2 only 160 calories and maybe 2 carbs."

Pancakes with Soy and Flax and Coconut Flour MY WAY

cals: 105kcal | fat: 3.63g | carbs: 7.64g | prot: 9.41g
Includes: almond breeze, soy flour organic, coconut flour, egg white trader joes. 
"I used 1/8 Soy Flour and 1/8 Flax...2.5 N.Carbs also 2 teaspoons coconut flour...1 N. carbs....also 1/4 cup water also 1/8 cup unsweeted Almond Breeze.....N.Carb...point 2....also 2 tablespoons plus about 1/2 of another egg whites....a little liquid sweetener...delicious"

Plumpkin Bread

cals: 1479kcal | fat: 115.69g | carbs: 65.48g | prot: 71.88g
Includes: vanilla whey, flax meal, cinnamon, splenda, pumpkin puree, heavy cream, eggs, coconut oil. 
"Only 1.6 carbs in each slice when making 15 slices...great!"

Salmon and Salad

cals: 411kcal | fat: 23.24g | carbs: 4.52g | prot: 42.07g
Includes: salmon, salad, sugar free jello, whipped cream. 
"I eat 1/2 of a piece of salmon and a big salad"


cals: 195kcal | fat: 10.44g | carbs: 13.58g | prot: 16.26g
Includes: atkins bar, babybel, gum, celery, atkins shake, whipped cream. 
"I eat most of these snacks every day...right now that is. Sometimes I have nuts instead of celery and cream cheese, but the count is close enough"

Tuna Salad

cals: 275kcal | fat: 14.92g | carbs: 3.49g | prot: 29.65g
Includes: tuna, egg, mayo, celery, onion. 
"I make double this, but this should be the approximate breakdown for each portion"

Usual snack day menu

cals: 427kcal | fat: 30.57g | carbs: 20.43g | prot: 20.06g
Includes: atkins bar, babybel, atkins shake, whipped cream, almond breeze, Seaweed trader joes, roasted garlic hummus, Almonds in the bag, almond butter. 

Zucchini Soup

cals: 122kcal | fat: 11.16g | carbs: 3.79g | prot: 2.58g
Includes: zucchini, scallions, college inn chicken broth, cream. 
"I used 4 ...6 oz. zucchini at approximately 4 carbs each...and 2 scalllions....top and white part only. Difficult to figure everything in this soup...so, I will just count as 2 to 3 carbs in 1/2 a cup..probably it is closer to 2....."