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How to lose those last bumpy bits!?
Instead of going to the gym a couple of time per week, I suggest breaking it down into smaller chunks.

So go for a 10-20 minute "sprint" (run) every day.

Drink 2 pints of water when you get up in the morning. Drink more water during the day.

Break your meals down into small chunks.

Don't eat 3 big meals. Instead eat 6 smaller ones spread out.

Eat foods that are easier to digest.

Try and cut out the sugar because this is turned into fat.

Water will flush out the toxins.

Have you tried cleansing??
posted 04 Oct 2012, 09:17
Never hungry anymore?
yep this is true, but it is much better to eat 5 small meals than 1 massive one.

Here's why...

When you stuff yourself with too much food in one sitting then it takes a lot more energy for your body to digest the food. This saps the energy and all we feel like doing is going and sleeping.

Also eating foods that are easier to consume again will keep energy levels up.
posted 04 Oct 2012, 09:02
Break it down. Don't feel like you have to be size 8 tomorrow.

Just be patient and give yourself the time to lose weight. Appreciate who you are right now.

Write down 10 things around you to be grateful for.

When we are striving for the things we want in the future and don't appreciate what we have now, we create stress for ourselves.

This stress is caused because you want the future, you don't want the present.

When the future comes it will happen in the present moment. Everything happens in the present moment. The present moment is all we have. The future and past are mind projections and do not actually exist.

The stress and the anxiety and the depression that you feel is due to your mind creating negative thoughts and images. These thoughts create chemicals that give us an emotion/feeling. The reason we have this is to warn us of danger and protect us.

But right now you are safe, so these chemicals, which are actually harmful toxins are actually killing you slowly inside and are what will end up causing you illness.

So the freedom from this pain is to focus on the present moment.

Feel your body's vibration, feel your heartbeat. Touch something and feel it. Look at the trees. Feel the wind on your skin when you are outside. Feel the water on your hands when you wash them under the tap.

Bring your focus to the only thing that exists which is the present.

Then from this powerful position you can create change.

You are in a resourceful state. Free of thought.

Take one step at a time. One day at a time.

Break your goal into achievable smaller bite sized chunks.

If you want to lose 100 pounds in 100 days, then that is one pound per day.

So what will it take to lose one pound per day???? Not much. Wink This is more achievable right???

So eat smaller meals but more often. Eat foods that require less energy to digest and can be broken down by the body.

Eat less sugar because sugar is broken down in the liver and turn into fat.

Drink more water.

Go for a 10 minute run every day. Jump up and down on the spot, star jump, run on the spot, laugh and make this fun.

Were you put on this planet to struggle? Wink

Have fun.

Live in joy and peace. Smile
posted 04 Oct 2012, 08:21
To get rid of this I suggest you speed up your metabolism and also flush out the toxins in your body. A lot of the flab remaining (like love handles) is actually a build up of toxins.

So there are many detox and cleanse programs out there.

But you can just simply start by drinking a lot more water. Don't go mad as this can be dangerous, but make sure you drink a consistent amount spread throughout the day. Many people forget to drink water and how important it is.

When you wake up in the morning drink 2 pints of water instead of drinking the coffee. Or do both. But people are tired in the morning because they have been so dehydrated after losing water during sleep for so many hours.

So water in the morning hydrates the body and also washes/flushes out the system whilst it is empty.

Then instead of 3 big meals per day. Split them up into 6 smaller meals. So if you cook dinner, halve the amount. Eat half after you cook it, then be disciplined and eat the next half an hour later. The same for breakfast and lunch. Or make smaller meals and fill up before hand on salad. Also eat fruit, but make sure not to mix fruit with other foods. The chemical reaction is not good apparently.

Instead of going for an hour or 2 hour session in the gym, try to break the sessions down into smaller chunks that spread over 6/7 days.

So I go for a 10 minute run/sprint around the block every day.

All the above will increase your energy and will speed up your metabolism and will control and burn the fats.
posted 04 Oct 2012, 07:32
Hi there,

welcome to the site. I am also new here, but have been on a weight loss journey for some time now. I have found that the following helps for me....

Drinking loads of water consistently, changed my diet to one that is easier to digest and run round the block every day....I keep it very simple. I just make sure I do exercise in short bursts.

So instead of working out for 1 hour per week, I instead do 10 minute run/sprints around the block/town/park every day. I also did the same concept with my eating habits. Instead of 3 big meals, I eat 5/6 smaller ones. Eat food that is easier to digest which keeps my energy up.

I also drink lots of water. (10 1/2 glasses per day spread out/consistent) This increases energy, controls appetite and metabolism.

The reason I do all the above is because it breaks the whole process into small achievable chunks, so I can fit them into my schedule and not get overwhelmed. It also increases my metabolism. Also increases my energy. Wink
posted 04 Oct 2012, 07:18
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