chicken salad

cals: 512kcal | fat: 17.63g | carbs: 57.28g | prot: 36.91g
Includes: salad,  light balsamic, chicken breast with skin, spinach, cucumber, zucchini, cherry tomato, ginger ale. 

chicken and potato soup

cals: 344kcal | fat: 9.55g | carbs: 44.20g | prot: 20.48g
Includes: Chicken Thigh, Chicken Stock, Red Potatoes (Flesh and Skin), Carrots, Celery. 

cream cheese and salsa

cals: 327kcal | fat: 12.40g | carbs: 47.52g | prot: 11.82g
Includes: salsa, Neufchatel, wasa. 

egg and rice

cals: 167kcal | fat: 7.72g | carbs: 15.12g | prot: 9.23g
Includes: brown rice, tomato, egg white, coconut oil. 

fiber one cereal

cals: 182kcal | fat: 3.12g | carbs: 34.18g | prot: 9.72g
Includes: 1% milk, honey clusters. 

fish tacos

cals: 253kcal | fat: 6.98g | carbs: 27.84g | prot: 20.94g
Includes: Corn Tortilla, Tomatoes, Tilapia (Fish), Cos or Romaine Lettuce, Red Cabbage, Onions, Mango & Peach Salsa, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

ham sandwich and fruit

cals: 299kcal | fat: 6.59g | carbs: 52.45g | prot: 11.46g
Includes: pear, Cos or Romaine Lettuce, mayo olive, sandwich thin, deli ham. 


cals: 174kcal | fat: 5.56g | carbs: 18.18g | prot: 13.13g
Includes: Corn Tortilla, Salsa, coffee, Egg White, Milk (Nonfat), Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

lemon chicken, rice and green beans

cals: 462kcal | fat: 19.87g | carbs: 41.88g | prot: 31.61g
Includes: chicken, lemon sauce, green beans, brown rice. 

refried beans and eggs

cals: 289kcal | fat: 10.80g | carbs: 23.16g | prot: 23.09g
Includes: egg,  light balsamic, refried beans, egg white, spinach. 

Shredded Wheat and Raisins

cals: 446kcal | fat: 3.53g | carbs: 97.45g | prot: 18.18g
Includes: raisins, 1% milk, shredded wheat. 


cals: 646kcal | fat: 19.82g | carbs: 95.70g | prot: 26.98g
Includes: Whole Wheat Spaghetti Noodles with Meat Sauce, pear. 

waffle and eggs

cals: 494kcal | fat: 8.21g | carbs: 83.99g | prot: 21.02g
Includes: waffle, mixed berries, egg white, eggo syrup, non fat milk. 

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