cauliflower brocolli cheese

cals: 86kcal | fat: 4.19g | carbs: 6.14g | prot: 7.14g
Includes: egg, cathedral city cheese, Cauliflower, broccolli, mustard. 


cals: 191kcal | fat: 18.62g | carbs: 2.49g | prot: 3.16g
Includes: Double Cream, Full Fat Soft Cheese (Original), Splenda. 


cals: 211kcal | fat: 21.15g | carbs: 2.37g | prot: 2.25g
Includes: double cream, Vanilla Extract, Full Fat Soft Cheese (Original), splenda. 

low carb mim

cals: 256kcal | fat: 22.60g | carbs: 6.48g | prot: 9.71g
Includes: sour cream, egg, double cream, splenda, flaxseed. 

mousaka 2

cals: 614kcal | fat: 50.43g | carbs: 9.53g | prot: 31.04g
Includes: tomato, mature cheddar cheese, aubergine, minced beef, olive oil, seasoning, red onion. 


cals: 718kcal | fat: 58.88g | carbs: 10.90g | prot: 35.84g
Includes: Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Minced Beef (80% Lean / 20% Fat), Poultry Seasoning , eggplant, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Creme Fraiche, mustard , onion. 

mushroon omelette

cals: 631kcal | fat: 57.05g | carbs: 15.68g | prot: 16.61g
Includes: egg, jersey butter, green pepper, spring onion, mushroom button, double cream, cherry tomatoes, chia seed, olive oil. 

okra and zucchini stew

cals: 403kcal | fat: 27.04g | carbs: 13.69g | prot: 27.77g
Includes: mackerel, tomato, zucchini, okra, palm oil, onion. 
"okra and zucchini"

Palmnut soup- 1/3 can concentrate in 8 portions

cals: 354kcal | fat: 20.41g | carbs: 6.36g | prot: 35.24g
Includes: chicken, tomato, palmnut concentrate, okra, onion, seasoning. 
"very high fat soup"

pork and aubergine

cals: 1479kcal | fat: 146.59g | carbs: 15.06g | prot: 26.12g
Includes: Tomatoes, Poultry Seasoning , Pork Belly, Onions, Olive Oil , aubergine. 

Spinach stew with pork

cals: 698kcal | fat: 59.34g | carbs: 8.38g | prot: 34.19g
Includes: pork, seasoning, palm oil, tomato, onion, spinach. 
"palm oil Stew"