beans and salsa

cals: 372kcal | fat: 4.63g | carbs: 58.18g | prot: 20.47g
Includes: Kraft non fat cheddar cheese, Onions, olive oil, refried beans, Roasted Salsa Verde (Medium). 
"Fast, easy, and delicious main dish! Can be made in a glass plate and eaten directly from that plate!"

Tuna sandwich

cals: 300kcal | fat: 8.50g | carbs: 19.00g | prot: 44.00g
Includes: Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore Tuna, Low Carb Wheat Wrap, dill pickle dip, heinz genuine dill pickle, banana pepper ring. 
"Tuna on low carb low cal wrap with tart things. "