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One Week Positive Thinking CHALLENGE!
Leah 22,
Not sure if you enjoy reading, but the book I mentioned, "What to say when you talk to yourself" seems it would be a great read for you. We all get to moments of despair, but it's how long we stay there that makes the difference. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

Day 2 of phase 2 for me. My affirmations:

I am happy, healthy & fit!
I love healthy food, and what it does for my body!
I make the correct decisions on what I allow my body to eat.

I have lean & strong legs
I weigh 118
I control my weight, it doesn't control me.
My soul shines with contentment & happiness
I am thankful for all that God has given me.
posted 23 May 2008, 14:19
One Week Positive Thinking CHALLENGE!
Hello Ladies Wink
I haven't been adding daily, but staying positive ~ all the same Smile

I am fit, happy & healthy!
I easily reach all of my goals!
I love the healthy lifestyle!
I have strong, & lean legs!
I look great at the beach!
Life & God give me gifts all the time!
I am thankful for all that I have!
I weigh 118 & am proud of my success!


So, as whomever may see while reading this, my affirmations are done as if they already exist. The more I teach my mind something already exists, the more it's willing to believe it. Part of the Secret, but many other books such as "What to say when you talk to yourself"

I wish you all the success that you aim for!

posted 22 May 2008, 18:14
Dont know how im going to do this...????
I agree with Luckytrixie, Eating the meals 3 hours apart with little snacks in between if needed is the way to go. I am following the Extreme Fat Smash diet almost to the T, and so far am happy. I know I shouldn't be weighing myself except once a week, but it's a slight addiction. Wink I'm not sure about the Fat Smash book, but the Extreme Fat smash one lays out all of your days food and excercise. I am following the food I would say 99% and excercise pretty good. I would like to excercise more though.

I would recomend getting the extreme fat smash as well if only to understand the eating schedules & what to eat.

Positive thinking is a must!

posted 19 May 2008, 16:17
One Week Positive Thinking CHALLENGE!
Hello there,
I've been meaning to post since I first read this on Friday, but didn't have the time to sit down and think Wink.
I am in week 1 on the extreme Fat Smash with a goal of 13 pounds. I started last Thursday.
Goal Weight: 118
Begining weight: 5/14/08 131
Current Weight: 5/19/8 128

My Affirmations:

I am fit, healthy, & happy

I weigh 118

I love the healthy lifestyle

I have a happiness that shines through my soul

I make the right eating decisions & always feel rewarded by it.

My body is strong and my legs look lean & long

Well ladies, everyone looks like they're doing great. I myself have watched the Secret and agree with Sararay on her thoughts. Although I don't think I can make a rabbit appear in my hand at any given minute, I do believe I can attract positive thoughts, which give me access to reaching all of my goals and desires.

posted 19 May 2008, 15:45
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