Bagel, egg, cheese and turkey bacon

cals: 351kcal | fat: 8.37g | carbs: 43.90g | prot: 31.11g
Includes: egg, salsa, kraft fat free shredded cheese, kraft fat free singles, turkey bacon thin, bagel thins. 
"Thin Bagel, egg, fat free cheese turkey bacon"

Chicken and Dumplings

cals: 498kcal | fat: 21.24g | carbs: 33.50g | prot: 41.16g
Includes: chicken breast, chicken dark meat, biscuits pillsbury, Cream of chicken soup cambells, chicken broth cambells. 

Chicken Salad

cals: 139kcal | fat: 5.82g | carbs: 8.69g | prot: 12.49g
Includes: egg, celery, miracle whip light, swanson premiem chicken, Chicken Salad Seaoning Mix. 

Crispix® Cereal Chicken Wings

cals: 239kcal | fat: 14.30g | carbs: 8.46g | prot: 18.43g
Includes: milk, chicken wing, peanut butter, crispix. 
"Crispix and peanut butter battered baked wings"

Garlic yellow dutch baby potatoes bake

cals: 257kcal | fat: 16.07g | carbs: 23.02g | prot: 9.02g
Includes: lemon juice, parmesan kraft, vegetable oil spread, kraft shredded parmesan, yellow dutch baby potatoes, garlic.