2% milk Ovaltine protien shake

cals: 372kcal | fat: 6.31g | carbs: 48.42g | prot: 29.05g
Includes: EAS Vanilla protein powder, Ovaltine, water, 2% milk. 

Cucumber & Tomato salad

cals: 145kcal | fat: 1.13g | carbs: 28.70g | prot: 6.53g
Includes: Tomato, Garlic powder, Garlic powder, Garlic powder, cucumber, Girard Balsamic Vinagrette, onion powder. 
"Diced cucumber, diced tomato, garlic & onion powder and balsamic vinegar combine to make a tasty, low fat treat. Vinegar is known to reduce blood sugar and balsamic is tasty!"

French Vanilla Mocha

cals: 195kcal | fat: 5.09g | carbs: 33.19g | prot: 1.57g
Includes: Coffee, Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate hot cocoa, French Vanilla creamer. 
"French Vanilla non-dairy creamer, Swiss Miss hot cocoa and coffee"

Mixed frozen fruit yogurt smoothie

cals: 499kcal | fat: 4.71g | carbs: 55.89g | prot: 58.05g
Includes: 1% milk, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, eas whey vanilla protein powder, nonfat greek yogurt, frozen mango, frozen peaches. 

Mixed fruit juice

cals: 1682kcal | fat: 7.20g | carbs: 429.76g | prot: 21.63g
Includes: Granny smith apple large, Peaches, fresh strawberry pint, blueberries, whole mango, navel orange, kiwi, seedless green grapes. 

Skim milk Ovaltine protein shake

cals: 336kcal | fat: 1.94g | carbs: 48.88g | prot: 29.35g
Includes: EAS Vanilla protein powder, Ovaltine, water, skim milk.