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I'm happily childfree, with a tubal ligation. I'm polyamorous and have two wonderful boyfriends. I have migraines, and they have caused a lot of other health and weight problems, but they are finally under control enough so I can lose this weight! I do bikram yoga (hot yoga) about 3 times a week for 1.5 hours, it's wonderful...trying to do that more.

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Well, Nettie, it definitely sounded like your problems arose when you didn't correctly follow Atkins (which you admitted). Therefore, your problem, not the diet itself.

You quote WIKIPEDIA as a reliable source of information? LOL. That's hilarious.

The DICTIONARY definition of a "fad" is as follows:

a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., esp. one followed enthusiastically by a group."

How then is Atkins "temporary"? It's been going strong since the 70s, had a big resurgence in the 90s/00s, and is still going strong.

But hey, believe what you want to believe. All I know is that I'm effortlessly losing weight without ever being hungry, I am healthier than ever, I eat a diet that is fresh, varied, full of nutrients, my muscle mass is remaining steady while my fat percentage is dropping (has been tested), and I have more energy than ever.

Can you say the same on whatever diet you've ended up on? If so, good for you!

posted 24 Jul 2007, 23:52
Nettie pie, a few remarks:

I love to eat and if you lose sight of the main idea (living a healthy lifestyle) Atkins can really backfire.

I love to eat, too. There's plenty of amazingly good things to eat on Atkins. But yes, I agree, if you lose sight of the main idea, and don't actually DO THE DIET, it won't work. But, it won't work with any diet. So, it's not Atkins that doesn't work for you, it's YOU that doesn't work for you.

It sounds like you just didn't have the willpower to do Atkins-- it doesn't mean that the diet sucks. Did you even read the book?

If done properly, Atkins is very good for diabetics, and also very good for your cholesterol.

I think Atkins is so attractive because we know we don't have to feel hungry. But if you give yourself 30 days of portion control, you'll find that you can no longer eat as much as you did before the 30 days.

I find that after 30 days on Atkins, I'm not able to eat as much as before, since fat and protein is very satisfying. Portion control happens naturally on Atkins (if you're doing it right), and you don't need to "deprive yourself" of anything, or ever need to be hungry.

Keep fad diets in their place.

Good thing Atkins isn't a fad diet, huh? It's a way of life, a way of eating that has worked for thousands of people. It requires healthy changes. It requires actually doing it right.

Sorry you couldn't hack it! Glad to hear you're losing weight on your own diet, though.
posted 23 Jul 2007, 15:57
Great ideas for Atkins dieteers!
"You're allowed 20 a day!"

I assume you mean 20 carbs, not 20 popsicles. Ha.

I agree, it's nice to have foods on hand. I keep a bunch of vegetables cut up in the fridge, so I just have to reach in to get some. Olives are good, cauliflower/broccoli, celery (stuff with cheese!), sprouts, a nice wedge of iceberg lettuce sprinkled with some seasonings (or just salt- it's delicious plain when really fresh!).

Sauerkraut is delicious, as well as pickles and other vinegary things.

Yum, so much to eat on Atkins!!
posted 19 Jul 2007, 22:49
That article is ridiculous, and a fine example of the complete idiotic misinformation that's out there. Here, let me break it down for you....but have you READ Dr. Atkins' book? If you had, you'd know why this article is so stupid.

Here, I'll go point by point, quoting your article:
<<Basically you cut out virtually all carbohydrate from your diet>>

No you don't. You eat a small amount of carbs in the Induction phase, which is only 2 weeks, and then you add more and more carbs in. Many people end up eating way more vegetables on this diet, than they do any other diet.

<<yet you eat unlimited amounts of meat, cheese and butter>>

No, you don't. You eat until you're satisfied, but you also eat 3 cups of veggies a day. Fat foods, and protein foods, make you full very quickly, so you end up often eating FEWER calories on Atkins.

<<However, the majority of weight loss comes from loss of water and muscle tissue, not fat>>

False. There is some initial water loss (as with ANY diet), but you are in a FAT BURNING STATE (as mentioned in the article). How can your body be switched to a fat burning state, and not burn fat? Duh. And there's no muscle tissue loss, because you're eating plenty of protein. On "low fat/no protein" diets (i.e. not Atkins), yep, your body can use its own muscle tissue for fuel because it doesn't get enough protein. Not so on Atkins.

<<Is Low Carb A Healthy Diet?
In a word, no!>>

In a few words-- wow, this is a terrible article.

<<Essential vitamins and nutrients come from a balanced diet and low carbohydrate diets are certainly not balanced.>>

You do eat veggies, but yes, one of the 3 BASIC PRINCIPLES of the Atkins diet is that you take nutritional supplements. You should with any diet.

<<the high level of protein puts a huge strain on your kidneys.>>

This is completely unsubstantiated. There hasn't been a single reported medical case of kidney ailment due to Atkins diet in the history of the Atkins diet.

<<Low carb diets are also likely to encourage yo-yo dieting, cycles of losing and regaining weight, which has been shown to be a health risk.>>

No, they aren't, they are easier to stay on. OTHER diets encourage yo-yo dieting.

<<Low carbohydrate diets go against all the current healthy eating principles>>

OH, what you mean like the food pyramid? If the "current healthy eating principles" are so sound (i.e. eating tons of carbs per day).... why is the incidence of obesity, and the rates of diabetes, SKYROCKETING? Why are people getting fatter?

<<and at present there are no long-term studies on the safety or efficacy of these diets.>>

Actually, there are. There are many 5-10 year studies done, as well as shorter-term studies, that show a low-carb diet is a healthy, sustainable way to lose weight.

So, in short.... utter bulls##t. Where'd you get this article, I'd love to rebut it directly on their site.
posted 19 Jul 2007, 22:35
Crystal Light
Crystal Light, and other aspartame-containing things, are poison.
Aspartame messes with our metabolism- the trigger that normally tells us "hey, you're full" gets screwed up, so we can actually end up eating MORE.

Dr. Atkins himself mentioned that aspartame can cause stalls in weight loss, and he doesn't recommend it in his book.

Why put chemicals in your body if you don't need to? Why not just use some lemon?
posted 19 Jul 2007, 22:23
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