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09 November 2014


The surgery went well. The doctor repaired the rotator cuff, the bicep, the shoulder blade, and cleaned up the shoulder joint. They gave me a nerve block in the shoulder, which was supposed to last 14-16 hours. Mine lasted almost 28, so I really got lucky. Now that it has completely worn off, I am extremely thankful for percocet. THIS REALLY HURTS!!! I also had to cut my hair off, since I can't comb it and the strap for the sling causes huge knots. Made me really sad, but it will grow back. I discovered something interesting...I gained 10 pounds in the 24 hour period from Thursday morning to Friday morning...this has to be from fluid retention due to the surgery. I have been doing well with my foods, but, as expected, exercise is lacking.

Well, that is about all the news that's fit to print (and typing with just my left hand is a pain) from my corner...hope all is well in yours!



03 November 2014


Well, the verdict is in, and I completely separated the tendon from the bone, there are at least 3-4 hairline fractures in the shoulder, as well as some other things going on in there that they will fix with the surgery on Thursday. Doc said I really did it up right! Baby sis is taking me, so that is one worry off my mind. I won't be able to drive for a week after the surgery, so that is something we'll have to figure out. The arm will be in a sling for 4 weeks with 16 weeks of therapy starting one week after surgery. To say that I am upset would be a gross understatement. Thank goodness it is coming on winter and I don't have so many things that need doing.

Food has been good, exercise...meh...I hurt and that makes me not want to exercise, although I am still averaging a fair amount of steps per day. The last 7 days average has been about 5300, so not too bad.

Well, I am going to bed...

That's about all the news that's fit to print from my corner, hope all is well in yours!



01 November 2014


The last part of this month has flown by. I went to the doctor last Monday, then had an MRI done on Thursday. I worked with the local election headquarters on Tuesday and Thursday, had a meeting with the Pastor on Friday, went today and got the items he wanted to change, went by the church, made the coffee for tomorrow, put the new table cloths on the tables, the new center pieces placed, the new trays for the bagel slices, and a few other little things. In between all the other stuff this week, we moved all the plants over to baby sis' house for the winter, made sure everything is ready for the winter-hoses disconnected, convertible covered-cleaned the house several times, and came up with several new low carb recipes. All in all, it has been a pretty good week.

Food has been okay, with a couple of bumps, exercise has been lacking, my walking buddies are all bunged up and so am I. I hurt my tailbone when I fell as well, and so have been moving very gingerly this week. Other than that, everything is pretty much status quo.

Well, that's about all the news that's fit to print from my corner, hope all is well in yours!



29 October 2014

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26 October 2014


All in all, things were going along swimmingly. I was on track with my food, been walking as often as I can, doing yardwork, cleaning house, running errands, and enjoying the wonderful fall weather we have been having. But (you knew there was a but coming, didn't you?), I just can't seem to just cruise along. I have to go and fall on the driveway.

Friday, as we were preparing for our first bonfire in years, I was in the process of moving the trailer so I could hook it to the mower and load wood into it. I grabbed the King Pin quick release pin, and pulled, and it snapped in half. Well, let me tell you, anyone watching would have seen a cartoon-like scene, as a flew backward, stumbling, attempting to catch myself on anything (actually clutching that stupid broken hitch pin like a life line) and not finding anything. Of course, I fell, and fell hard. Hit on my rear end first, thank goodness, but put my right arm behind me to catch myself and felt something snap in there. My upper arm and shoulder screamed at me, and then I hit my head on the concrete. I sat up, hollering "Oh, God, Dan....oh, God!" He came running out of the house. I moved my arm and whatever snapped, went back into place and I THOUGHT I was okay. I could move the shoulder-mostly- and it didn't hurt too badly. My rear wasn't too sore, and my head seemed okay as well. I picked myself up, found my glasses (by some miracle, Dan missed stepping on them when he came out to help me), and bandaged my left elbow where I scraped it up. off lucky! Except, I didn't. I finished loading the wood and that's when I realized my arm wasn't working quite right, but I assumed it would pass, so I mowed, laid the bonfire, got the house cleaned up, and made a pitcher of zero carb margaritas. Our friends came and we had a blast, but that darned arm still wasn't working right. I couldn't lift it to the side, to the front, or swing it backward. I went to bed thinking it would surely be better in the morning. Yesterday, I woke to a very sore shoulder, tricep, bicep, and deltoid. When I got in the shower and couldn't raise my arm to wash my pit, I decided I should get it checked. After a trip to urgent care, the shoulder isn't broken, but I have to go to the orthopedist tomorrow, as they suspect I tore the rotator cuff. DH is taking extra special care of me, including washing my arm pits, putting on my deodorant, and helping me get my bra and shirt on. It's hard to do those things when you can't raise one arm! LOL Thank God for such a wonderful hubby!

In other news, the bonfire was a blast...beautiful evening and delightful time with our friends. I did well with the food...had some dark chocolate with a marshmallow, no graham crackers, some chili, and zero carb margaritas.

Baby sis and I will try to walk some more this week as I don't think this shoulder nonsense will interfere with my walks, when I get to go. Today will be spent doing a whole lot of nothing mostly...we didn't go to church, as I did't sleep well, due to pain. I took a Percocet, and it was still really bad, even with that.

Well, I think I am going to head back and take a nap...

That's about all the news that's fit to print from my corner...hope all is well in yours!



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