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28 May 2014

I discovered some interesting facts during my n=1 trials with resistant starches:

When I cook a sweet potato and cool it for 24 hours, it apparently (as per my glucose tolerance tests) retrogrades approximately 1/2 of the starch to the resistant type. If I let the same potato set in the refrigerator for 3 or more days, it retrogrades even further to where it is over 90% RS. This is good news, because it means I no longer have to include the retrograded sweet potato starch in my insulin calculation (ie: carbs).

This is not the only bonus of retrograding. In addition to the benefits of the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, the RS is an excellent nutrient for the good gut microbes. The kind that provide gut lining and brain tissue nutrients.

Here's an "interesting" podcast on the subject y'all might find informative. Don't be put off by some of the subjects discussed. There are some pearls in there:
RS Podcast
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25 May 2014

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10 May 2014

Still listening to the 2014 Reversing Diabetes World Summit
I think anyone on FS would benefit from listening to most of these speakers 4-5/day for 12 days (you can download the whole summit on mp3 after it's over for a nominal fee). Yesterday we had some fantastic presentations on ketogentic and Paleo diets. We've also had plenty of different variations of low carb diets over the past week. Today's theme is exercise. Looks to be very informative.

Oh yeah, I did a glucose tolerance test on raw green banana to see if I could tolerate that form of resistant starch. I won't post all the minute by minute measurements here cuz I don't know how many folks are really interested in RS, but the bottom line is 56g of green banana is purported to contain 13 total grams of carbohydrate. My n=1 test indicated that my BG was effected as if it was 7g of carbs. So there were 6 grams of resistant starch and fiber in that 56g (2oz) of raw green banana. I'll have to see if I can get an even greener banana for another test, but so far tests between cooked and cooled sweet potato, raw potato starch, raw green plantain, and raw green banana show the raw green plantain to be the leader with zero carbs and 9.5g of resistant starch and non-digestible fiber per ounce (28g). Tastes like...bleeeeachhh by itself! But will work fine in a smoothie.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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05 May 2014

Spending the first part of today listening to the webinar "Reversing Type II Diabetes." So far some good speakers. Learning a lot of new stuff as well as reinforcing what I have already been doing. Nothing on resistant starch yet, but I expect it will show up at some point. This presentation goes on for 2 weeks.

Speaking of RS, I did some casual experiments with resistant starch yesterday and today using unmodified raw potato starch. This is the product that researchers usually use in their clinical studies, so I find it an intriguing experiment to try on myself. I added various amounts of potato starch to plain Greek yogurt yesterday and today to see how it effected my blood sugars and gut. Looks like it could be an option to get resistant starch into a diet, however, it does add some digestible carbohydrate that has to be bolused for if you are an insulin diabetic (as I am). As per these two limited experiments, potato starch in this form raised my BG as if it has ~6g of glucose per TBS. The package shows 10g of carbs per TBS, so I assume 4g of this is resistant starch. So, the 3 TBS I added to my yogurt equals ~12 g of RS. Not bad, but the raw green plantain (117g) I added to my protein smoothie yesterday didn't effect my blood sugar at all, so I have to draw the conclusion that it was all resistant starch. I'll do some real n=1 tests in the near future, but preliminarily, I am going look for my RS in natural foods. Green plantains seem to be one such foods. Raw green bananas may be another. I have on in the refer and will try that in my next smoothie. Stay tuned.
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04 May 2014

So, to continue the resistant starch experiments, I tried unmodified raw potato starch in an ad hoc glucose tolerance test. This time, I wanted to test the effects of the starch on another food. I chose Fage Greek Yogurt. I use Fage a lot and know the glucose load it provides, so it is easy for me to judge the additional load caused by adding an ingredient. I also wanted to test the effects of the raw potato starch on my digestive system, since many folks report unpleasant side effects (gas) from eating it.

I added 24g (2TBS) of the potato starch to 220g of plain Fage Greek Yogurt. The yogurt provided 7g of carbohydrate for which I bolused insulin. The potato starch is labeled as 20g of carbs for the 24g. I did not bolus for the potato starch. After recording my blood glucose reading, I consumed the combination and checked my BG's over a period of 3 hours.

1730 - 78 Start
1800 - 74
1830 - 89 1hr
1900 - 114
1930 - 107 2hr
2000 - 101
2030 - 96 3hr

So, the results show a maximum spike of +36mg/dl after 90 minutes. However, the BG readings started dropping, and by the 3 hr mark, were very close to normal. From this experiment I can't say that the potato starch had much if any effect on my blood sugar. This is good news if it holds up. I'll test in a more controled test with potato starch by itself next time to be sure.

As to the "gas" situation, I am happy to report that I had no unusual increase. I have been taking a high quality raw probiotic for about 6 weeks, and this probably has a lot to do with my non reaction to the added resistant starch.

As far as resistant starches go, raw potato starch appears to be a viable choice for me. As those who have read my past posts on RS know, I haven't always had good results with other sources. I will continue my quest, as recent research is showing there is a close interrelationship between our health and our human microbiome; especially those in the gut. There is very compelling evidence piling up that resistant starch is vitally important to the health of those micro organisms.
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