Cathy's J.Brody Basic Multigrain Pancakes MEAL

cals: 177kcal | fat: 5.01g | carbs: 26.59g | prot: 6.57g
Includes: buttermilk usda, Egg (Whole), egg white usda, salt usda, vanilla extract usda, baking powder usda, baking soda usda, sugar usda, wheat germ usda, whole wheat flour usda, semolina flour usda, all purpose flour usda, skim milk usda, olive oil, amaranth flour. 
"Serving = 1 pancake roughly 5" diameter"

coconut pancake leftover loaf

cals: 1214kcal | fat: 129.69g | carbs: 26.81g | prot: 22.93g
Includes: Egg, Walnuts, Unsalted Butter Stick, Cinnamon, Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa, Now Foods MCT Oil, Land O' Lakes heavy whipping cream, Pure Via Stevia. 
"per loaf(2 med. slices= serving. 10 slices/loaf)coconut pancake leftover loaf 3" high prox. ...ADD COCONUT FLOUR PANCAKE MEAL...NEED TO ADD A PER SLICE VERSION..."

frozen peanut butter cup (1 ea.)

cals: 344kcal | fat: 27.82g | carbs: 10.81g | prot: 10.90g
Includes: Smooth Peanut Butter (with Salt), Cocoa Powder (Unsweetened), Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese, Emerald Forest Xylitol, Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Land O' Lakes heavy whipping cream, Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour, Pure Via Stevia. 
"There is nothing I like more in the world than dreaming up a really decadent dessert, and then finding a way to make it without sugar and without gluten. Gluten-free baked goods have a reputation for being dry and flavorless, and when you tell someone that a dessert is sugar free, they look at you like you just grew a second head. Tell them it’s both low carb and gluten free, and they look at you like you grew another head AND sucked out all the joy in the world. They just can’t believe that anything made without flour or sugar could possibly taste any good.  Trust me, I know this look well because my kids look at me this way all the time.   Baking without flour and sugar is a challenge, no question, but it’s one I’ve come to appreciate in many different ways. It pushes me to think about how my ingredients behave and what I have to do to make it similar in taste and texture to conventional recipes. It’s also opened me up to a wide variety of healthy ingredients I probably wouldn’t have thought to use in the past. In fact, I’d almost say that going gluten and sugar-free has actually unlimited my food choices, because there seem to be so many more options out there; wonderful ingredients like nut flours and coconut oil. –Carolyn Ketchum All Day I Dream About Food Pasted from <  "

Ham,Egg,Cheese BagelThin sandwich

cals: 356kcal | fat: 18.31g | carbs: 27.05g | prot: 23.66g
Includes: egg, Deli Deluxe American Cheese Slices, thomas bagel thin, kraft olive oil mayo, Sliced Hickory Smoked Ham. 
"RMM ham, egg cheese on Thomas' Bagel Thin. 2 slices of ham. Egg microwaved. cheese is bakers & chefs. not in database yet. "

MAD No Bake Lemon Cheesecake tart filling

cals: 253kcal | fat: 25.30g | carbs: 3.42g | prot: 4.61g
Includes: cream, Cream Cheese, vanilla,  lemon juice, stevia. 
"no bake cheesecake fit for MAD (modified atkins diet per Kossof, Johns Hopkins) (1 serving tart size)NO CRUST"

scallops veracruzano

cals: 333kcal | fat: 20.89g | carbs: 17.15g | prot: 23.71g
Includes: Tomatoes, chopped green olives, oregano, Olive Oil, Chicken Stock, lime juice, zucchini, jalapeno pepper, Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Onions, garlic, bay scallops. 
"adaptation from 'great foods fast' , bob warden with christian stella MEAL YIELDS 1 SERVING Serve on top of lightly sauteed zuke' 'noodles' for low-carb version. use 'Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer/Cutter!'"

Squash Casserole with Creamy, Cheesy Sauce and Chopped Pecans

cals: 502kcal | fat: 45.89g | carbs: 12.84g | prot: 13.56g
Includes: Pecans, Mature Onions, Yellow Summer Squash, Vegetable Oil, Butter, Nutmeg (Ground), Black Pepper, Thyme (Dried), Salt, Chicken Stock (Home Prepared), cream cheese, Trader Joe's Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese. 
"Per Serving!! Adapted from "Great Food Fast", Bob Warden & Christian Stella. A great pressure cooking book!"

Std. Mahler Bfst.

cals: 450kcal | fat: 37.43g | carbs: 15.45g | prot: 16.51g
Includes: Egg, Coffee, Bacon Fat (Cooked), Kroger Heavy Whipping Cream, CVS Fiber Gummies, Mahler's California Lifestyle Flax Soy Bread. 
"Egg, cheese, flax bread (2), coffee "

Thai noodle soup with coconut & salmon by member k_scotte

cals: 516kcal | fat: 28.45g | carbs: 38.51g | prot: 24.34g
Includes: Salmon, fish stock, spring onion, red chilli, egg noodle, coconut milk, thai red curry paste. 

Tom Kha Kai (Thai Coconut Chicken Soup)

cals: 810kcal | fat: 72.15g | carbs: 17.77g | prot: 35.31g
Includes: Fresh Lime Juice, Ginger (Ground), Cilantro (Coriander), lemon grass, Chicken breast, Diamond Crystal Iodized Salt, Huy Fong Foods Chili Garlic Sauce, Tiparos Fish Sauce, Mae Ploy Coconut Milk, Pure Via Stevia. 
"(2 cans of 19 oz coconut milk = 14 servings @ 1/3 cup/serving"

Tuna Pasta Salad (CLM)

cals: 280kcal | fat: 7.80g | carbs: 34.36g | prot: 20.47g
Includes: celery, peas, barilla whole grain pasta, bumblebee tuna, kraft olive oil mayo. 
"Tuna Pasta Salad (CLM) per cup"