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Ever since I can remember I have been overweight. When I was in High School I was at my smallest and I want to get back to a healthy weight. I love going out, camping, fishing, swimming, hiking and all the activities but I have very little energy to do so and I am very clumsy as I fall a lot (recently on a dock and sprained my ankle and bruised the bones in my hand.)
I plan on getting back into the activities that I use to do, and eating more raw healthy foods.

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Obesity rates still rising in the US
Wintergirl wrote:
I disagree that not having money to eat would mean eating less therefore you would be smaller. I have a friend & a family member that have children and they work, but still get food stamps for food because they make so little. They infact are over weight because they can only afford to feed themselves and their families CRAP. Mac n' cheese, rice, potatoes and so on. Stuff that is not healthy but cheap. Maybe people who have NEVER been poor can't relate. Unless you have been put in that position you don't really know what you would do. If it means eating CRAP or starving, I bet money most people are eating the CRAP. It's very easy to say what you would do in a situation that you have never been in and know nothing about. Oh but wait, alot of you aren't poverty stricken and CAN afford to buy the healthiest of foods, YET here you are, overweight yourself and even though alot of us can afford to eat healthy, we simply DON'T. It is a matter of choice for us, some people do not have a choice, it's eat what you can or STARVE. It's feed your kids what you can afford to feed them or just let them STARVE. So I can very well understand the plite of someone who honestly can't afford to buy heathly. May you never know what it's like to be in that kind of monetary situation yourself. But if you do, please come back to share with us how easy it was for you to starve yourself of your children just because it was better for you/them to NOT eat than to eat something unhealthy. Some people have to feed a family of 3 or 4 on say $25 a week because they have to pay rent & utilties and so on. I don't care who you are, you are not feeding anyone, not even 1 person anything close to healthy on that kind of money a month. Sometimes yes, people choose to spend money on other things and yes sometimes it is a matter of choice. You try to feed a family of 4 on $100 a week and they are not eating healthy for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Ok so I really do see your point and I did grow up in a poverty home. My mother had Debbie snacks and frozen waffles for us to eat most of the time, and I was overweight. And yes I can see how poverty and obesity can go hand in hand since our government likes to promote healthy living but mainly allows food stamps for the cheap unhealthy items and a person has to do what they have to do to survive for them and there family. But my thing is (in my state SC, GA and TX that I know of) the WIC, Food stamps and government assistance programs work with the local farmers markets to provide healthy food for the poor. It is a matter of choice in some states. In my state I see people with 4-5 kids behind them all overweight walking into McDonald's. I am sorry but if you have money to go to McDonald's then you have money to buy your family some healthy food even if you are on food stamps. They allow for a healthy life style. I do associate obesity with poverty because our government has made it so easy to buy the enriched poor quality food that has been tested and theorized to make people obese. The only reason people in my state won't buy healthy food is because it is not convenient for them, I know because I know people on food stamps that do exactly that. They don't want to get up and cook the vegetables because it is too exhausting.
Now I am not harping on you, or criticizing the people you know for not buying healthy foods because I don't know if your state allows people on food stamps to buy at farmers markets, but it is something worth looking into especially since some farmers markets do double food stamp days where you can get twice the produce for the price of your food stamps (sorry for the run on sentence).
Healthy living is by choice. I spend about $10 less on my groceries by buying from farmers markets, butchers, and directly from farms now, and I feed anywhere from 2-4 people comfortably (friends drop in a lot). If you do it right, compare prices, and like a person said before learn how to cook poor meats well then you can do it.
posted 07 Sep 2010, 18:25
Franken Foods
You should try stevia. It is all natural and healthy for you. It taste like splenda to me. Oh don't get the truvia either it is not real stevia. Stevia can be found in the health food section or the herbs & vitamins. Make sure that the ingredients are stevia too. I grow my own if you like gardening you might be able to find the plant where you live.
posted 06 Sep 2010, 20:32
Diet Snobbery- Anyone else notice this?
I understand where you are coming from. I try to have a healthy eating habit but it does not always work out that way. I promote the 50% raw diet because it makes sense to me. I also promote free range meats because I have produced an allergy to a lot of antibiotics and have elevated hormones. My nutritionists said that it "could be" cause by eating meats with antibiotics and hormones in them. So I go free range to keep the antibiotics and hormones out. But I will say one thing I have tried the Atkins and it worked for my husband, not for me. I did Curves for years and lost about 150-200 lbs. That was great and I worked hard at it but when I moved and went to another Curves the women there were rude and pushy on there own diets. Whatever diet you are on as long as it is working for you and not jeopardizing your health (diet pills have very adverse side effects that cause more damage than good so I don't really promote them but if you want to take them that is your prerogative) or you have consulted with your Dr about it then I say go for it. I don't just go out and do something that is going to effect my body without consulting my Dr first and that includes the "fad" diets. I have done just about everything besides surgery (it scares me) to loose my weight and I am doing what my Dr has asked me to. I think people should look at it that way. If it hurts more than it helps then I just won't do it.
It is all good though and a few suggestions here and there are not bad.
posted 06 Sep 2010, 20:26
How can my body do this?
If you look at your diet prior to eating healthy and then compare it to now it could explain your constipation. Strangely enough when I eat a high quantity of raw fruits & veggies (especially veggies) I get constipated. Learning in biology the structure of plants it is now understand able as to why to me now but was not then. If I go two days eating a high concentration of raw green veggies, and meaty vegetables the fiber in the fruits & veggies will compact causing constipation. Your body is not use to that. I generally drink some very strong low roast coffee, or tea, and make sure that you drink some lemon juice (not lemon aide full of sugar) as this will promote prostate and intestine health. Also if it gets really bad I have to see my chiropractor and that generally does it.
As for exercising I would suggest you do some low impact exercise. If you have access to a pool definitely do some swimming and water aerobics with noodles. If you don't have access to a pool then you should check out surge training I do it in the pool and it is great low impact training for your body. I do 3 sets of 3 (legs, arms, and torso).
Hope this helps you out.
posted 06 Sep 2010, 16:25
Two dilemmas that are my roadblocks to losing weight. Any help?
I did not read through all the posts but it looks like a lot of people have given you some really good advice. I did notice in one of your posts that you said you bought some water. I carry a water canteen with me everywhere I go if I run out of water I go to a public water fountain and fill it up. The water here is not great tasting but the municipal water co filters there water religiously (Yes I watched the Movie "Tapped" and I suggest everyone watch it too.) But it has saved me money in the long run, I am no longer paying $1.50 to $3.00 for a bottle of water, it is free for me as long as I have my canteen that only cost me $7.00 one time (it is metal).
As far as fruits & veggies go I live in an apt & can't grow much but in the summer time I do have patio plants & make my own hanging plants where I grow herbs & spices and tomatoes and some squashes. Link HERE on how to do that. Not only do I get some exercise making them but it also gets me outside and great fresh veggies. But if you are not able to do that then Farmers markets, and even farms are cheaper than grocery stores sometimes. If nothing else then go frozen. When I did calculate my grocery bill I noticed that on a good week I actually spent less buying healthy than buying unhealthy.
Remove all sugar artificial sweeteners and enriched items from you diet too.
Hope this helps & Good Luck to you.
posted 06 Sep 2010, 16:09
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