Cabbage poriyal

cals: 552kcal | fat: 19.69g | carbs: 82.17g | prot: 27.30g
Includes: cumin, mustard, turmeric, olive oil, cabbage, onion, jalapeno, fat free milk. 
"Cabbage curry or poriyal"

Eggplant / Beans mix poriyal

cals: 379kcal | fat: 18.47g | carbs: 51.64g | prot: 11.38g
Includes: mustard, turmeric, olive oil, beans, eggplant, onion, jalapeno, tomato. 
"Eggplant Beans mix with spices and stir fry"

LowCal Veggie with Tortilla

cals: 492kcal | fat: 6.81g | carbs: 91.89g | prot: 23.79g
Includes: sprouts, White Corn Tortilla, campbell mexican soup, asparagus, brocolli, cucumber, mushroom, onion, radish. 
"Low calorie vegetables steam cooked with Curry or sauce on it for flavor or taste."

Lunch - Soup based

cals: 394kcal | fat: 5.90g | carbs: 71.14g | prot: 21.49g
Includes: apple, campbell mexican soup, brocolli. 
"Soup: Mexican Tortilla Soup with brocolli. Fruit: Apple or Banana"

Steamed Veggie

cals: 194kcal | fat: 1.85g | carbs: 38.32g | prot: 16.04g
Includes: asparagus, brocolli, celery, mushroom, onion, radish, bell pepper, zucchinizucchini. 
"Steamed vegetables, this will be the main dish, you could mix any low cal soup to this for taste and spicy to enjoy the flavor."

subway footlong chicken breast

cals: 713kcal | fat: 11.50g | carbs: 110.40g | prot: 55.20g
Includes: subway chicken.