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I started out around 385 and did the low carb diet to about 285, I then took off the holidays and balooned up to 330 again. Was able to bring it back down to 290 with tons of excersice and heavy lifting but the Atkins diet killed me, WW is new to me and I am learning how to eat all over again! Well I have decided that Atkins is the best for me WW Was great just couldnt lose any weight. I will definitely get back on WW when it all said an done, but until then ATKINS ALL THE WAY!!!

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Lifting and weight loss
Never has a specific goal in mind and back pain was sporadic, but the 100 pound drop has accounted for most of it. I have a friend that is my workout partner, he has worked out with alot of the pro wrestlers back in the day and lifted with the VonErics when they were still alive, so between the two of us we get a hell of a work out and change it up every few weeks. 90% free weights and very rarely do we hit machines but Wednesday is our back day so I am getting the proper mix of abs and back, our workouts are targeting every muscle group spread out through the week and cardio everyday(M-F). So how does it feel to be at 190lbs? The lowest that I can remember is 201 my sophomore year in HS and I got yelled at by my Football coach because I was getting sick looking! Keep it up
posted 18 Jun 2009, 12:52
Lifting and weight loss
Divided By Zero wrote:
Do you want your stomach bigger? That's pretty much the opposite of what most people are working towards here.

No I am not looking for a six pack at all I know there is no way at my body weight. What I am doing is strengthening my core, back problems completely vanished.
Divided By Zero wrote:
That doesn't mean switch from protein shakes to doughnuts, but having some whole wheat pasta isn't going to ruin your day. The fruits and veggies are good, but the whey isn't necessary. Real food is better for you and does a better job of rebuilding your tissue. It's usually cheaper too.

I need the whey protein as a supplement from the diet, WW and protein do not seem to go together as chicken breast is even higher in points than I thought. I use the carb free nectar Brand and it works well, low cal. and 0 carbs and all of the BCAA's and 50G a serving of protein since I double up after the workout and one in the evening for "filler" to curb the cravings and have some good protein in my stomach.
Divided By Zero wrote:
Are you resting at all?

Yes, I am resting on Sat. and Sun., problem is I do not lower my intake on those days so I will have to work on that. I am eating every 2-3 hours basically because of my breaks at work, I do NOT watch the clock but if I do get hungry I will eat and it seems to be every two hours or so. I will snack on fruit or devour a bag of pretzels.(.99 grab bag size)

Divided By Zero wrote:
I would do 2300 on workout days and 2100 on rest days. I would NEVER do a cheat day. If you want 'cheat' foods, work them into your calorie allowance on a workout day, but don't undo all of your progress for a week with a day's worth of binging.

I have had one cheat day and it was because I over indulged in alcohol, and havent had a drink since. I do not count calories I just look every now and then when I am going over my points for the week.

Divided By Zero wrote:
You've already lost an amazing amount of weight, so you know you CAN do it. It's not always the fastest process in the world, but know that you are capable and you will get results if you stick to eating well and exercising.

Thanks for the support and your very appreciated response, I get discouraged and a little support that people give always helps, Thans again!
posted 18 Jun 2009, 10:51
Lifting and weight loss
Why no abs?? I have read and always thought that they will make your stomach bigger. Is that true or have I once again been missinformed. I am at a loss on what to eat or direction I should go as far as dieting goes. I do agree that low carb killed my lifts and I could barely function, I was dropping 15-20 Lbs a month for the first few months and I believe it was mostly muscle as I was not lifting. As far as WW goes it is the best that I have eaten in the last 5-7 years, I am eating alot of fruit and vegtables and I am getting most of my protein from whey. I will take any advise or criticm that can be offered, I have lost over 100lbs but I have hit a road block, nothing I have done in the last 3 months has helped and I was weighing in at 295 in feb. so I need help!!!!!!!!!!! OH, as far as points to calories I average 2100-2300 at 35-38 points, I have watched it pretty close.
posted 17 Jun 2009, 23:56
Lifting and weight loss
Got a question, I have been working out fairly hard for the last 6 months and have a few questions about my calorie intake. I hit the gym at 7:00 am and do cardio(elyptical) for 30-40 minutes, followed by 5 sets of 50 on abs, followed by 45 minutes of intense weight lifting(Played Football for 10 years), and I finally finish it off with 30 minutes +- 10 minutes of raquetball. I leave the gym exhausted! The question is how much should I increase calories? I am at 33-37 points a day and there is no real weight loss in the last month that I have switched from Low Carb to WW, should I go back to Low Carb or hang in there? Just doesnt seem to be coming off like it shouldCrying or Very sad Are my points to high? Any help would be welcomed, good luck to everyone here
posted 17 Jun 2009, 22:29
Kcal Help
Thx, I am hitting the gym really hard and also doing weight training and raquetball. I was using the program as a gauge as far as cal. burned during the workout from another site, I found this one and it figures in my BMR and I was a little confused as far as figuring that in. I am being very strict on myself as far as eating every 2 hours or so, I also am eating alot of fruit and veges, as well as HIGH fiber foods to try and kick start the ol metabolism. I was eating 2 times a day on the atkins diet and very few snacks if any, so I know I killed my metabolism. Thanks for all the help and the replys, I can say that the weight loss is slower on WW than atkins but the urge to cheat is not like it was. I really enjoy this diet.
posted 05 Jun 2009, 19:57
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