Bread Recipe Carb Count

cals: 1502kcal | fat: 63.82g | carbs: 102.05g | prot: 155.31g
Includes: olive oil, flax seed, baking powder, yeast, vital wheat gluten, oat flour, soy flour, wheat bran. 
"Full recipe, for my info; This calculator says it's 5 nc per slice (1/12 recipe)"

Broccoli Quiche LLC

cals: 197kcal | fat: 14.13g | carbs: 4.01g | prot: 12.99g
Includes: Broccoli, Cheddar Cheese, Trader Joe's Raw Whole Cashews, Egg, Red Onions. 
"Recipe from Linda's Low Carb, with cashew cream & H20 substituted for the heavy cream."

Cheddar Biscuit Bread

cals: 543kcal | fat: 45.19g | carbs: 8.12g | prot: 25.44g
Includes: cheddar, coconut flour, egg, garlic powder, butter. 
"1/3 recipe"

chicken salad

cals: 586kcal | fat: 48.78g | carbs: 1.11g | prot: 33.69g
Includes: chicken breast, celery, red onion, kraft mayonnaise. 
"traditional -- mayo, onion & celery"