eggs in wrap

cals: 150kcal | fat: 2.50g | carbs: 19.00g | prot: 19.00g
Includes: Egg Beaters - Original,  Flatbread Multigrain with Flax. 


cals: 183kcal | fat: 1.22g | carbs: 33.94g | prot: 10.18g
Includes: Milk (Nonfat), 10 Grain Hot Cereal. 

mousse mix desert

cals: 125kcal | fat: 2.76g | carbs: 23.92g | prot: 3.18g
Includes: Fat Free Milk, mousse. 
"European Style moouse and fat free milk. 1/3 package instead of 1/4 package"

muslix breakfast

cals: 222kcal | fat: 2.36g | carbs: 43.36g | prot: 8.20g
Includes: Mueslix Cereal, ORGANIC FAT FREE MILK, Organic Ftozen Blueberries. 
"muslix and milk"

muslix yogurt

cals: 203kcal | fat: 2.61g | carbs: 37.56g | prot: 9.78g
Includes: Mueslix Cereal, fage, Blueberries (Unsweetened, Frozen). 

peppers and yogurt

cals: 258kcal | fat: 2.62g | carbs: 45.08g | prot: 15.58g
Includes: Total 0% Greek Yogurt, low fat stuffed peppers. 

yogurt cake

cals: 86kcal | fat: 0.28g | carbs: 12.22g | prot: 8.83g
Includes: yogurt fruit desert. 
"yogurt cake as meal, accessible on phone"