Bacon and Asparagus Quiche Atkins

cals: 337kcal | fat: 27.67g | carbs: 3.28g | prot: 18.49g
Includes: cream, egg, asparagus, bacon. 

coffee w cream and stevia

cals: 159kcal | fat: 16.63g | carbs: 1.25g | prot: 1.49g
Includes: coffee, cream, 100% Natural Stevia Sweetener. 

Creamy Swiss Steak Pot (approx 1 cup serving)

cals: 301kcal | fat: 18.90g | carbs: 8.16g | prot: 23.31g
Includes: canned tomatoes, ground beef, onion, pepper, parsley, campbell mushroom soup. 
"good for crockpot"

Dinner Salad

cals: 430kcal | fat: 39.06g | carbs: 6.12g | prot: 15.70g
Includes: romaine lettuce, iceburg lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, ranch dressing kens. 

ham and cream cheese rolls

cals: 379kcal | fat: 31.84g | carbs: 2.31g | prot: 21.57g
Includes: kirkland ham, cream cheese. 

Hot Chocolate (Atkins)

cals: 128kcal | fat: 12.51g | carbs: 7.19g | prot: 2.73g
Includes: cream, water, cocoa powder, stevia. 

Low carb pizza crust (1/4 of original recipe)

cals: 401kcal | fat: 31.37g | carbs: 8.23g | prot: 25.85g
Includes: cream cheese, egg, parmesan cheese, italian cheese, mozzarella cheese, meijer marinara sauce. 
""deep dish" recipe from Linda's Low carb menus and recipes ("

mashed cauliflower

cals: 239kcal | fat: 22.95g | carbs: 7.55g | prot: 3.61g
Includes: cauliflower, cream, butter unsalted. 

Pork Marsala

cals: 848kcal | fat: 47.55g | carbs: 48.45g | prot: 32.48g
Includes: butter, pork loin, mushrooms fresh, tapioca flour, olive oil, marsala wine. 
"Recipe made at home, from Substituted tapioca flour for wheat flour."

scrambled eggs and sausage (with cream)

cals: 509kcal | fat: 43.53g | carbs: 1.60g | prot: 26.02g
Includes: cream, egg, sausage. 

Syngex Protein Shake

cals: 311kcal | fat: 23.55g | carbs: 3.66g | prot: 21.22g
Includes: cream, water, Serious Chocolate Protein Powder. 

tacos low carb burrito

cals: 738kcal | fat: 48.12g | carbs: 52.24g | prot: 22.05g
Includes: carb balance mission, taco seasoning McCormick, sour cream daisy, avocado, iceburg lettuce, mexican cheese.