cals: 479kcal | fat: 33.76g | carbs: 7.33g | prot: 36.18g
Includes: eggs, butter, sliced deli ham, onions, jalapeno. 

"Bread Sticks"

cals: 214kcal | fat: 10.78g | carbs: 3.57g | prot: 25.76g
Includes: boneless skinless chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, great valu pizza sauce. 

"Potato" Salad

cals: 340kcal | fat: 28.96g | carbs: 5.98g | prot: 13.22g
Includes: cauliflower, hellmanns real mayonnaise, egg, frenchs yellow mustard, flavorite dill relish. 

Chicken Pizza

cals: 326kcal | fat: 16.00g | carbs: 5.25g | prot: 42.50g
Includes: boneless skinless chicken breast, deli ham, jalapeno pepper, great valu pizza sauce, Fancy Low-moisture Part-skim Mozzarella Cheese Shredded. 

Cole Slaw

cals: 213kcal | fat: 20.00g | carbs: 6.00g | prot: 1.50g
Includes: shredded cabbage, hellmanns real mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar. 

Egg Bake

cals: 260kcal | fat: 18.22g | carbs: 2.44g | prot: 21.32g
Includes: eggs, sliced deli ham, green pepper, shredded cheddar cheese, heavy cream. 

Faux Chocolate Cake

cals: 1509kcal | fat: 112.85g | carbs: 87.29g | prot: 84.45g
Includes: eggs, oil, baking powder, sugar free vanilla syrup, salt, unsweetened cocoa, Milled Flaxseed, truvia, sugar free chocolate syrup. 
" I make this in an 8x8 pan and bake for 20 mins at 350, and cut into 9 pieces, so when you add it, use 1/9 of the recipe"

Flax Crackers

cals: 318kcal | fat: 22.87g | carbs: 17.71g | prot: 18.78g
Includes: flax meal, water, parmesan cheese, garlic powder. 

Flax Pancakes

cals: 504kcal | fat: 35.04g | carbs: 18.58g | prot: 26.90g
Includes: heavy cream, egg, baking powder, mrs. butterworth's, sugar free vanilla, flax meal. 
"yummy yummy yummy"

Foccacia Bread

cals: 428kcal | fat: 35.83g | carbs: 18.37g | prot: 17.59g
Includes: eggs, garlic powder, baking powder, oil, water, flax meal, truvia. 

Hot Chocolate

cals: 308kcal | fat: 33.08g | carbs: 2.49g | prot: 1.83g
Includes: sugar free chocolate syrup, water, sugar free vanilla syrup, heavy cream. 

Mexican Eggs

cals: 332kcal | fat: 22.86g | carbs: 2.12g | prot: 27.62g
Includes: ground beef, eggs, cheddar cheese, jalapeno pepper, taco seasoning, taco bell sauce. 
"Baked in jumbo muffin tins!!!"

Mock French Toast

cals: 444kcal | fat: 37.92g | carbs: 3.06g | prot: 17.96g
Includes: egg, cinnamon, cream cheese, cream of tartar, butter, sugar free maple syrup. 
"Oopsie roll made in a flat pan...fry it up in a lil butter and there you go!!"

Oopsie Roll

cals: 173kcal | fat: 14.86g | carbs: 1.24g | prot: 8.43g
Includes: egg, cream cheese, cream of tartar. 
"per two rolls"


cals: 415kcal | fat: 29.23g | carbs: 7.43g | prot: 29.68g
Includes: cream cheese, parmesan cheese, egg, shredded part skim mozzerella cheese, great valu pizza sauce, green pepper, onion, turkey pepperoni. 


cals: 387kcal | fat: 22.96g | carbs: 2.10g | prot: 37.37g
Includes: beef steak, dill planks, grey poupon mustard, bacon, beef broth. 


cals: 207kcal | fat: 10.70g | carbs: 10.52g | prot: 17.69g
Includes: crushed tomatoes, green beans, cauliflower, ground beef. 

Spice Cake

cals: 2053kcal | fat: 173.72g | carbs: 74.80g | prot: 84.79g
Includes: eggs, cinnamon, baking powder, oil, nutmeg, salt, flax meal, sugar free vanilla syrup, truvia. 

Spice Cookies

cals: 183kcal | fat: 13.54g | carbs: 12.92g | prot: 9.04g
Includes: flax meal, sugar free vanilla syrup, cinnamon. 
"Mix together, put on parchment paper in 5 or 6 cookie mounds, flatten, and microwave for 1.5 minutes"

Spice Muffin

cals: 136kcal | fat: 10.76g | carbs: 5.74g | prot: 6.89g
Includes: egg, flax meal, cinnamon, baking powder, cream cheese, butter, truvia. 

Taco Salad

cals: 362kcal | fat: 24.61g | carbs: 4.50g | prot: 28.79g
Includes: shredded iceberg lettuce, taco seasoning, ground beef, shredded cheddar cheese, taco bell hot sauce. 

Turkey Spread

cals: 413kcal | fat: 33.05g | carbs: 0.00g | prot: 27.15g
Includes: ground turkey, hellmanns mayo, dill pickle relish. 

Vegetable Beef Soup

cals: 259kcal | fat: 14.40g | carbs: 9.76g | prot: 23.04g
Includes: beef stew meat, Green Snap Beans (Drained Solids, Canned), cauliflower, beef bouillon.