Bell Pepers and Cannellini

cals: 82kcal | fat: 1.53g | carbs: 13.26g | prot: 5.54g
Includes: tarragon vinegar, thyme, goya cannellini, red bell pepper, parmigiano cheese, romano cheese, celery, sweet onion, rosemary. 

Broccoli Slaw Seafood Salad

cals: 446kcal | fat: 29.93g | carbs: 12.75g | prot: 30.29g
Includes: broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, pacific giant seafood combination, cooked mussel, olive oil, taragon vinegar, sea salt. 

Brussel Sprouts Roasted

cals: 130kcal | fat: 13.60g | carbs: 1.64g | prot: 1.11g
Includes: brussel sprouts, olive oil, oregano, sea salt. 

Caesar Salad

cals: 45kcal | fat: 2.88g | carbs: 4.48g | prot: 1.68g
Includes: tomato, parmesan, romaine letus, pecorino, marie's caesar dressing. 

Chicken Breast Rap

cals: 270kcal | fat: 7.84g | carbs: 34.57g | prot: 19.01g
Includes: chicken breast cooked, tomato, lemon, whole wheat tortilla, hummus, tabule, goya salsa verde, olives, baby spinach. 

Crustation Tofu Noddle Salad

cals: 949kcal | fat: 50.98g | carbs: 40.35g | prot: 87.29g
Includes: steamed mixed vegetables, Seafood Combination, tofu shirataki, grated parmesan, grated romano, filippo berio extra virgin olive oil, parsley, bragg organic raw apple cider vinegar. 

Diet Cole Slaw

cals: 66kcal | fat: 5.11g | carbs: 4.97g | prot: 1.28g
Includes: cabbage, truvia, hellmann's real mayonnaise, sea salt. 
"Sugar Free"

Egg Noodle Soup

cals: 193kcal | fat: 3.93g | carbs: 24.42g | prot: 18.31g
Includes: carba-nada roasted garlic, sun dried tomato, dried minced garlic, celery, Carrots, fennel, zucchini, egg starts, sea salt, romano, Parmigiano. 
"Low Carb noodles with egg whites or full eggs"

Egg White Soup

cals: 313kcal | fat: 1.60g | carbs: 37.17g | prot: 43.00g
Includes: liquid egg white, lemon, low sodium chicken broth, dried tomatoes, fresh baby spinach, sea salt. 
"This is an egg white based chicken broth with spinach and dried tomatoes."

Red Cabbage Dried Tomato Salad

cals: 125kcal | fat: 5.14g | carbs: 18.58g | prot: 3.68g
Includes: red cabbage, dried tomato, fennel, Sweet Onions, tarragon vinegar, celery, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, black pepper. 

Roasted Pumpkin

cals: 151kcal | fat: 13.72g | carbs: 7.89g | prot: 1.22g
Includes: pumpkin, rosemary, olive oil, sea salt. 

Tofu Fettuccine

cals: 264kcal | fat: 3.86g | carbs: 41.40g | prot: 15.84g
Includes: Grated parmesan, salt, tofu shirataki fettuccine, Philadelphia Fat Free Cream Cheese, romano , steamed mixed vegetables.