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21 September 2014

I accept myself unconditionally right now. I am determined to do this; I am committed to the time it will take; and I will get this done!

Once again I had to change my vegan meal for dinner tonight. I forgot to buy sun-dried tomatoes. I'll have to make that Lasagna recipe next time. I did however have most of the ingredients for a chili-bean recipe. I cheated a bit and put in a small London broil on top to cook into the chili-beans.

I'm progressing in baby steps and am using up my current supplies of meats, dairy and oils and in the meantime adding more vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit. I will have to slowly transition my family over to raw nuts and seeds as we are currently eating roasted, unsalted varieties, but hey at least they're eating them!

After I get dinner down pat, I plan on adding a sit-down breakfast to our meals and then finally a sit-down all ready prepared lunch at the office. I sat at the table and ate a nice breakfast before we left for work. My husband actually came over and joined me at the table and we talked while I ate.

Oh, I had unsweetened hemp milk this morning and it was very good! Not chalky and nasty like unsweetened almond or unsweetened coconut milk was.

Baby Steps are working for me!

8AM: 172 (didn't take insulin B4 bed) 20U-U500

20 September 2014

I accept myself unconditionally right now. I am determined to do this; I am committed to the time it will take; and I will get this done!

Well, plans changed for this morning. I wasn't able to get the vegan meal started in the slow cooker so I will get it ready for tomorrow. We ended up going in to work early.

I had a nice time LEISURELY wandering up and down the aisles yesterday at Whole Foods instead of feeling like I was on a short leash. Usually I'm under time constraints when I go grocery buying! I hate that!

I've been putting edible seeds and nuts out on the table each night at dinner for the past 2 days. The family is eating them along with the fruit platter and vegetable platter I've been putting out. My son actually tried some corn on the cob for the first time EVER. I ate a bunch of veggies at dinner and a very small portion of beef last night. I woke up this morning feeling like I had more energy and wasn't so tired.

BONUS: Since I had the veggies and fruit already cut up and leftover from dinner I was able to grab them up in their baggies, stuff them in my mini cooler, throw in a cold pack and head out the door. I've got super healthy snacks to eat instead of grabbing something else that isn't what I should be eating but is instead "convenient". I'm definitely going to keep doing this until it becomes a habit! I even had fun last night cutting up the fruits and veggies and arranging them on some nice platters, so that they looked appetizing on the table. I can't believe I'm having fun with this instead of dreading it. Who knew!?

I had an A-HA moment this afternoon. I had put away my veggies even though I was hungry for more because... if I ate all of the cucumber and zucchini, I would have to buy more! Oxy-moron! Having to buy more vegetables is good because (hopefully) it means I'm eating them and not throwing them away because they went bad! I couldn't believe I was rationing vegetables like I do many of my other foods. Someone give me a virtual slap upside the head please!

Baby Steps are working!

8AM: 20U-U500
3PM: 186 (higher carb breakfast than normal.)
on diet The Paleo Diet  

20 September 2014

Weigh-in: 316.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 146.0 lb Diet followed N/A

19 September 2014

I accept myself unconditionally right now. I am determined to do this; I am committed to the time it will take; and I will get this done!

I know I have to do this whole thing in Baby Steps so that I don't get overwhelmed and quit. (Gee, been there done that!) I've got some short-term goals established so that I can get to my next short-term goals and eventually get to my long-term goal of getting this excess weight off!

One goal is to get a better plan in place for low blood sugar episodes so that I don't over binge trying to get my blood sugar up quickly. FYI: Microwave S'mores are NOT the best thing to eat for low blood sugar! When I use the glucose tablets they don't seem to work as quickly as eating something (?) but I've got to have stuff ready so I'm not grabbing things out of the cupboard and stuffing them in my face.

Naughty me was hungry and didn't have the office fridge stocked with anything really. Broke down and went across the parking lot to Burger King. Get back on the horse Shawn, and put on your big girl panties to boot! Don't stop on this stumble...keep going!

New Goal: Cook and eat one vegan meal tomorrow...I'm going to Whole Foods today to buy the ingredients for Pumpkin and White Bean Lasagna which is cooked in the slow cooker while I am at work.

8AM: 258 (low sugar 73 at 2am) 20-U500
on diet The Paleo Diet  

18 September 2014

I accept myself unconditionally right now. I am determined to do this; I am committed to the time it will take; and I will get this done! new dietician was really funny and had some new information for me that I hadn't known about before. I have some new worksheets that I will be using to set my goals. I have been hemming and hawing about the Plant-Based eating lifestyle for a while. I'm going to check out some documentaries that she suggested and then sit down and mull over all of my options before I make a decision.

My main goals right now are to 1)continue to eat at the table and NOT in front of the TV, 2) start and continue to exercise using my Wii Walk It Out, and 3) eat more seeds, nuts, avocado and beans and less fat from dairy and meat. I need to make sure I get that #3 one into my routine.

I came back from the dietician today and got out the walnut halves that have been sitting in the freezer door. Took one out and ate it...Ick! RANCID! Threw the rest of them away, which wasn't a big waste, there were probably a little over a cup of them. Note to self: Get new seeds and nuts to bring to work. (No not new employees!) HA!

8AM: 177 (pasta for dinner AGAIN!)|
3PM: 190 (ate late lunch at 1:30-2) | 20U-U500
9PM: forgot to take it.
on diet The Paleo Diet  

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