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so what are u able to eat on the atkins diet
Spacey47, if you are crazy, it certainly isn't evidenced by that response.

Yes, if you are going to do Atkins you have to read the book!

Atkins is most restricted in the first phase. You can see a list of acceptable foods at You add other foods in the later phases.

Refined sugar and white flour are two things that you are never supposed to eat if you do Atkins.

I'll stress again, read the book. Don't rely on the website alone.
posted 12 May 2013, 15:42
HELP!!!! weightloss
lemonella wrote:
Sara: This sort of aggressive nonsense is what Spacey does for fun. It's kind of sad, if you think about it. If I may offer my (admittedly unsolicited) opinion, it's best to ignore him and let him stew in his own low-calorie juices.

Yeah, I know. Should have left it alone.
posted 05 May 2013, 02:51
HELP!!!! weightloss
Spacey47 wrote:
If you choose to be ignorant and ignore what I have literally just said then I can't expect you to post anything based on facts

I am not ignorant and you have not pointed out anything I have said that is factually inaccurate.

Spacey47 wrote:
As for your ability to feel insulted that's your own choice, I merely reflected back to you words YOU used to describe YOUR SELF which are strongly associated with dangerous and irrational thinking
Actually, as I am sure you realize, my use of the word "fanatic" was sarcastic. Why do you need to latch onto it as some kind of admission in order to discredit me, personally?

I did not say I am unable to be insulted. I pointed out your inability to insult me.

Spacey47 wrote:
Many people posting here seem to feel that their bodies defy all medical science and that they can gain weight on a diet less than what they burn off which is's THAT nonsense that I and indeed many others object to

That is your interpretation. Saying that you don't have to count calories is not the same as saying that how many calories you consume is irrelevant.

Spacey47 wrote:
The whole basis of the fat secret app is to measure your calorie intake and output which whatever way you cut it IS calorie counting made simple
Then why does it include so much other nutritional information and the ability to customize it? Maybe the whole basis is to determine what portion of total calories are fat, carbohydrates and protein. That is a more reasonable assumption based on the facts. If the administrators of this site wanted only to provide a calorie counter, they could have saved themselves a lot of work by leaving out the other features.

Your statement that this forum is based on calorie counting is false. As it says on the top of every page, it is based on "all things food and diet." Regardless of how you choose to use it, it is meant to be inclusive.

You call me irrational, but you are the one who seems to be logic impaired.

I regret the last paragraph of my original post. I should have kept that to myself and just ignored the posts I find annoying.
posted 04 May 2013, 21:47
I looked at your food diary. I didn't look at every day, but from what I did see, you don't seem to be eating many of the vegetables that are allowed. Asparagus, artichoke hearts, brussel sprouts eggplant, kale, collard greens, just to name a few. How about some avocado and olives? Either alone or added to a salad or an entree.

Also, find different ways to cook things. If you usually steam vegetables, try roasting them. It can substantially change the flavor. Make a stir fry using a vegetable and meat that has marinated in a little lemon juice, soy sauce and whatever spices you like.

Do use use herbs and spices? They can really add some variety. I like to coat chicken thighs with olive oil, salt, pepper and plenty of fresh rosemary and then roast them in a 425 degree oven. Makes nice crispy skin. You can use other herbs like sage, thyme or oregano. Or use them all.

How about a different cheeses? I love blue cheese on a celery stick.

Wrap some of that cream cheese in pieces of smoked salmon.

Put some shrimp on skewers, wrap them in bacon and put them under your broiler or on the bbq. Skewer some vegis too.

Here's a whole list of recipes you can try:

You'll find more if you google "atkins induction recipes".

I hope I've given you at least one idea that will work for you to alleviate your boredom.
posted 04 May 2013, 20:32
HELP!!!! weightloss
Spacey47 wrote:

its a forum people are allowed to express an opinion.
And I've expressed mine.

Spacey47 wrote:
You might say that people who push the whole LOW carb is special approach on a website forum that is based on CALORIE COUNTING are Trolling the whole forum

Show me where this website claims to be based on calorie counting. I would think that if that were true, it would be on the "about us" page. The site seems to me to be based on the understanding that there is more than one way to approach weight loss and encourages people to make their own decision based on what's right for them. Note that the 2nd most popular diet based on member registration is Atkins.

I haven't seen people pushing low carb here, but I haven't been doing a lot of reading in areas focused on other diets. So, maybe they are. But, one person's trolling doesn't justify that of another.

I am not pushing low carb diets. But, have noticed your repeated opposition to them and find it annoying in threads where people are requesting help from those who have been successful with the diet they have chosen.

Spacey47 wrote:
If you aren't counting Calories why the hell are you here?

No need to curse. I am here because the carb counter is terrible and, after much searching, this is the first place where I found a food diary that will calculate net carbs.

Spacey47 wrote:
go post on an Atkins/low carb site
I do, thank you very much.

Spacey47 wrote:
I think the truest thing you have said is to describe yourself as a fanatic which is generally associated with dangerous and irrational thinking
I am far too rational to feel insulted by somebody who knows nothing about me other than what they learn from my limited profile and posts.
posted 04 May 2013, 19:25
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