Almond Bread -PH by member jdhan

cals: 198kcal | fat: 10.80g | carbs: 21.90g | prot: 4.90g
Includes: Almond Bread -PH. 

Almond Cherry Muffins -PH by member jdhan

cals: 199kcal | fat: 37.70g | carbs: 35.60g | prot: 10.50g
Includes: Almond Cherry Muffins -PH. 

Apr 30th PH

cals: 518kcal | fat: 21.40g | carbs: 57.70g | prot: 30.90g
Includes: corn bread ph, Vegetarian Chili PH, Green Bean & Fava Bean salad w/walnuts -PH. 

Babka -PH by member jdhan

cals: 190kcal | fat: 13.40g | carbs: 20.80g | prot: 4.00g
Includes: Babka -PH. 

Bean Cakes - PH by member jdhan

cals: 217kcal | fat: 9.10g | carbs: 26.10g | prot: 7.00g
Includes: bean cakes. 


cals: 238kcal | fat: 6.50g | carbs: 37.70g | prot: 10.10g

Breakfast Omelet

cals: 409kcal | fat: 23.10g | carbs: 27.30g | prot: 27.10g
Includes: Breakfast Omelet. 
"Mon, Thur, Fri"

Carrabba Dinner _PH by member jdhan

cals: 964kcal | fat: 45.00g | carbs: 61.00g | prot: 79.00g
Includes: Chicken Parmesan , Italian Salad side w lgt Bals, Cavatappi side . 

Cherry Chocolate Cookies -PH by member jdhan

cals: 124kcal | fat: 7.50g | carbs: 11.50g | prot: 1.90g
Includes: cherry chocolate cookies. 

Chili Bake -PH by member jdhan

cals: 220kcal | fat: 4.50g | carbs: 39.60g | prot: 8.60g
Includes: chili bake ph. 

Chili Cheese Burger -PH[ by member jdhan

cals: 909kcal | fat: 19.00g | carbs: 62.70g | prot: 48.50g
Includes: Chili Cheese Burger -PH[. 

Chili Cheese Dog -PH by member jdhan

cals: 1069kcal | fat: 24.00g | carbs: 78.70g | prot: 44.50g
Includes: Chili Cheese Dog -PH. 

Chocolate Muffin -PH by member jdhan

cals: 219kcal | fat: 41.30g | carbs: 33.90g | prot: 10.50g
Includes: Chocolate Muffin -PH. 

Cobb Salad -PH by member jdhan

cals: 353kcal | fat: 17.30g | carbs: 17.50g | prot: 89.10g
Includes: Cobb Salad -PH. 

Corn Bread -PH by member jdhan

cals: 94kcal | fat: 3.70g | carbs: 12.60g | prot: 2.20g
Includes: corn bread ph. 

Death by Chocolate Cookie -PH by member jdhan

cals: 92kcal | fat: 30.00g | carbs: 7.00g | prot: 1.00g
Includes: Death by Chocolate Cookie -PH. 

Exercise Morning Breakfast

cals: 418kcal | fat: 11.56g | carbs: 45.90g | prot: 32.80g
Includes: hard boiled egg, hard boiled egg white, Honey Roasted Turkey Breast -PH, berry yogurt, clementine. 

Fruit Crisp PH by member jdhan

cals: 245kcal | fat: 8.70g | carbs: 38.70g | prot: 4.80g
Includes: fruit crisp ph. 

Grits -PH by member jdhan

cals: 174kcal | fat: 3.90g | carbs: 25.00g | prot: 8.40g
Includes: grits -ph. 

Hunters Lamb -PH by member jdhan

cals: 463kcal | fat: 21.64g | carbs: 7.85g | prot: 59.23g
Includes: asparagus, hunters PH. 

Lamb Rague with Polenta -PH by member jdhan

cals: 478kcal | fat: 24.30g | carbs: 33.40g | prot: 28.80g
Includes: Lamb Rague with Polenta -PH. 

March 17 B PH by member jdhan

cals: 1418kcal | fat: 75.43g | carbs: 93.23g | prot: 72.19g
Includes: sourdough coffee cake, refried beans amys, Eggs Migas -PH, rasp/blue, Greens w/ Poblano Chiles & Chorizo -PH. 

March 17 D PH by member jdhan

cals: 1546kcal | fat: 64.89g | carbs: 138.01g | prot: 99.02g
Includes: asparagus, spoon bread, Spicy Black Eyed Peas -PH, Oat Risotto - PH, Pork Tenderloin with Fava Beans -PH, Spoon Bread -PH. 

March 18 D PH by member jdhan

cals: 1353kcal | fat: 59.00g | carbs: 108.00g | prot: 34.00g
Includes: pita chips, scotch, Sartori Cheese , Israeli salad, raincoast crisps, bean dips. 

March 19 D PH by member jdhan

cals: 1797kcal | fat: 54.86g | carbs: 126.56g | prot: 101.54g
Includes: fried rice, chinese cabbage, whiskey manhatten , snapper fish, scotch, vermouth, arancini di riso , Dumplings. 

March 24 D by member jdhan

cals: 563kcal | fat: 18.54g | carbs: 75.25g | prot: 29.69g
Includes: artichokes, Mulligatawny Soup -PH, sour dough bagel. 

march 30 _ph by member jdhan

cals: 1513kcal | fat: 38.98g | carbs: 126.18g | prot: 47.55g
Includes: Apple-Sour Cream Pie, Chili Cheese Dog -PH, Israeli Salad -PH. 

Matzo Brei Chilaquiles -PH

cals: 532kcal | fat: 18.90g | carbs: 57.30g | prot: 33.30g
Includes: Amy's Organic Refried Black Beans, Fresh Foods Market Honey Roasted Turkey Breast -PH, Matzo Brei Chilaquiles -PH. 

Mexican Breakfast -PH by member jdhan

cals: 943kcal | fat: 48.00g | carbs: 78.00g | prot: 46.50g
Includes: mexican breakfast. 

Monday -Chicken Breast -PH by member jdhan

cals: 445kcal | fat: 2.11g | carbs: 68.39g | prot: 31.68g
Includes: broccoli, barley, chicken breast, pace Salsa. 

Mustard Seed Stir Fry PH

cals: 597kcal | fat: 36.24g | carbs: 33.57g | prot: 36.64g
Includes: Quesadilla with Poultry and Cheese, Greek Salad, Stir Fried Vegetables. 

Non Workout Breakfast

cals: 296kcal | fat: 7.50g | carbs: 36.90g | prot: 22.70g
Includes: Honey Roasted Turkey Breast -PH, berry yogurt. 

Non Workout Lunch

cals: 547kcal | fat: 28.77g | carbs: 46.16g | prot: 31.55g
Includes: grapefruit, Breakfast Omelet, expresso chocolate, coffee creamer ph. 

Non Workout Snacks

cals: 806kcal | fat: 34.50g | carbs: 80.90g | prot: 26.20g
Includes: granny smith apple, clementine, berry yogurt, peanuts ph, almond ph, israeli salad ph. 

Oat Risotto -PH by member jdhan

cals: 326kcal | fat: 13.50g | carbs: 33.10g | prot: 14.50g
Includes: oat risotto ph. 

Pacific Rim Stir Fry -PH by member jdhan

cals: 320kcal | fat: 10.20g | carbs: 31.60g | prot: 19.50g
Includes: Pacific Rim Stir Fry -PH. 

Pecan Whiskey Cake -PH by member jdhan

cals: 344kcal | fat: 19.50g | carbs: 36.70g | prot: 5.00g
Includes: Pecan whiskey cake -PH. 

Popcorn -Popped -PH by member jdhan

cals: 124kcal | fat: 0.00g | carbs: 0.00g | prot: 0.00g
Includes: popcorn popped. 

Pork Tenderloin with Fava Beans -PH by member jdhan

cals: 547kcal | fat: 26.90g | carbs: 12.70g | prot: 58.80g
Includes: Pork Tenderloin with Fava Beans -PH. 

Porkchops and smoky greens -PH

cals: 913kcal | fat: 51.50g | carbs: 42.70g | prot: 75.70g
Includes: Smoky Greens and Beans -PH, Pork chops with Mushroom chutney -PH. 

Raspberry Blueberry Breakfast -PH by member jdhan

cals: 114kcal | fat: 0.01g | carbs: 8.80g | prot: 6.10g
Includes: rasp blueberry. 

Reg Sunday Brunch by member jdhan

cals: 561kcal | fat: 28.24g | carbs: 36.45g | prot: 41.29g
Includes: whole wheat english muffin, turkey bacon, Chunky Medium Salsa, Soft boiled eggs -PH, sartori. 

Saturday Bagels & Lox

cals: 445kcal | fat: 17.39g | carbs: 54.11g | prot: 20.13g
Includes: Naturally Aged Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar Cheese, Vegan Buttery Sticks (79% Vegetable Oil Spread), Whole Spelt Bagel, lox, grapefruit. 

Sesame Burger Dinner -PH

cals: 1024kcal | fat: 73.94g | carbs: 47.85g | prot: 50.37g
Includes: dried cranberries, mixed greens, granny smith apple, pecans, brie, grilled chicken, balsamic . 

Sesame chicken pecan salad -PH

cals: 1024kcal | fat: 73.94g | carbs: 47.85g | prot: 50.37g
Includes: dried cranberries, mixed greens, granny smith apple, pecans, brie, grilled chicken, balsamic . 

Sour Dough Biscuits -PH by member jdhan

cals: 181kcal | fat: 3.70g | carbs: 27.90g | prot: 7.10g
Includes: sourdough biscuits. 

Southwestern Eggs -PH by member jdhan

cals: 255kcal | fat: 13.00g | carbs: 24.50g | prot: 10.60g
Includes: Southwestern Eggs -PH. 

Southwestern Hash -PH by member jdhan

cals: 237kcal | fat: 5.70g | carbs: 37.80g | prot: 9.90g
Includes: Southwestern Hash -PH. 

Tacos -PH

cals: 303kcal | fat: 5.90g | carbs: 43.30g | prot: 19.50g
Includes: Tacos -PH. 

Thursday -Stir Fry by member jdhan

cals: 254kcal | fat: 1.70g | carbs: 23.70g | prot: 33.30g
Includes: Stir Fry with Tuna -PH. 

Tuesday -Clam Chowder by member jdhan

cals: 562kcal | fat: 8.93g | carbs: 93.94g | prot: 27.90g
Includes: Corn Bread -PH, Manhatten Clam Chowder -PH, peas. 

Wednesday -Quail

cals: 357kcal | fat: 12.17g | carbs: 37.00g | prot: 24.00g
Includes: Quail, chopped Broccoli, Black Japonica Rice. 

Wednesday -Sausage by member jdhan

cals: 498kcal | fat: 13.84g | carbs: 60.04g | prot: 42.57g
Includes: broccoli, Turkey Andouille Sausage , Japonica Black Rice -PH. 

Whole Spelt Bagel _PH by member jdhan

cals: 200kcal | fat: 1.50g | carbs: 40.00g | prot: 7.00g
Includes: Whole Spelt Bagel. 

Whole Wheat Muffin w/cheese

cals: 115kcal | fat: 5.00g | carbs: 12.00g | prot: 6.00g
Includes: whole wheat muffin, sharp cheddar cheese cabot. 

Workout Breakfast

cals: 418kcal | fat: 11.56g | carbs: 45.90g | prot: 32.80g
Includes: hard boiled egg, clementine, hard boiled egg white, Honey Roasted Turkey Breast -PH, berry yogurt. 

Workout Lunch PH

cals: 428kcal | fat: 21.67g | carbs: 48.86g | prot: 12.45g
Includes: grapefruit, fresh peanut butter, granny smith apple, Expresso Chocolate, coffee creamer ph. 

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