All Day Snacks

cals: 310kcal | fat: 17.62g | carbs: 16.72g | prot: 21.25g
Includes: Frigo, Mixed Nuts, hard boiled egg white, Celery, benefiber. 

Eggs and Cottage Cheese Breakfast

cals: 177kcal | fat: 1.62g | carbs: 10.09g | prot: 30.86g
Includes: egg beaters, spinach, low fat cottage cheese. 

Ricotta Soy Milkshake

cals: 215kcal | fat: 11.25g | carbs: 16.00g | prot: 14.00g
Includes: Vanilla Soy Milk, Ice, Sorrento Ricotta cheese, Hershey's cocoa, Equal. 

Salmon Dinner

cals: 231kcal | fat: 10.24g | carbs: 7.46g | prot: 26.24g
Includes: wild sockeye salmon aquastar, cauliflower, half and half publix, balsamic vinegar. 
"Could switch cauliflower for broccoli with minor changes in nutrition facts"

Tuna Salad

cals: 159kcal | fat: 4.84g | carbs: 8.27g | prot: 21.88g
Includes: balsamic vinegar, hard boiled egg, frenchs mustard, lettuce, onion, green pepper, plum tomato, Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water. 

Zucchini Spaghetti

cals: 178kcal | fat: 6.35g | carbs: 17.55g | prot: 13.35g
Includes: zucchini, ragu, firm tofu. 
"Could substitute tofu with meatless crumbles"

Zuchinni w/ Meatless Crumbles & Asparagus

cals: 147kcal | fat: 1.68g | carbs: 23.15g | prot: 19.07g
Includes: meatless ground burger, asparagus, ragu light, zucchini.