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Help with some of the features of the APP
Ok i got it now. I basically need to ignore the rdi and stick with my calories burned number and then compare with my calories intake. As far as i understand the rdi is an average calculation of your daily calorie allowance according to your life or excercise style. Since it is an average it does not take into account the real excercise level of that day. In other words if, assuming i have calculated the rdi right, i get to a weekly calorie intake similar to the rdi for a week i am fine, daily variations lower or higher are not important. Well it looks like i am really very academic with this, but then again also very practical. Instead of working with a daily average, i would have my basic calorie burn considering my lifstyle without excercise ( divided into sitting activity, working with your hands, phisically demanding or else) and that would be my basic metabolic rate and then i would add my excercise calories on top of that. That would be than my real metabolic rate. Then i would compare my calorie intake to it and if i want to lose weight i would keep it below 100%, if i want to gain weight above 100%. This would give you the possibility to daily measure your REAL calories burned compared to your real intake. In my view it is more accurate, more punctual to do it like that...and more logical and clear. but this is me and others might disagree. Nevertheless i understood now thanks to your great patience...and will continue enjoying the app. By the way, i changed my status to sedentary (in order to keep my rdi very low and play a little with my excercise calories) and FS gave me 2400cal. i then went to another homepage and the result was 2100. That is the value i manually entered. Again thx a lot , best regards Paolo
posted 14 Feb 2013, 22:19
Help with some of the features of the APP
Thx Erika, it makes a lot of sense. Let me explain what my daily and weekly routine is. I have a desk job (very
demanding, but it is sitting activity almost all day). Additionally i run pretty extensively, training long distance, running appr. 35 miles per week plus one day of muscle training.

According to what you are saying my RdI is to high, i should change it to moderate activity. I'll do that. The only thing that is confusing for me is that when i enter my excercise those calories are added to the rdi, but part of the rdi is eliminated so that the calories burned is not rdi+excercise but rdi-x+excercise (am i confusing you know?).

That means that if say they reduce the rdi by 300 calories and your excercise was only 200 calories, your calories allowed suddenly are 100 calories lower then what the app tells you in the morning. I could just try to ignore the rdi % and always aim at a calorie amount lower then the rdi, but then what do i need the app for? Does that make sense? Probably i am being to academic on this?
posted 14 Feb 2013, 21:38
Help with some of the features of the APP
I still can 't get a grip around the way calories are calculated when you enter excercise. Since i seem to be the only one that has a problem with that, i must be doing something wrong.

I have entered moderate activity. The app tells me i have 2700 calories allowed in order to keept my weight. I enter 1 hour of excercise worth 251 calories and the app shows 1945 cal. I had eaten 2270 cal and was 430 calories under, now suddenly i am 325cal over... I just don't get it. Anybody can help me understand??? How can it be that if i don't do any excercise i have more cal then if i do excercise? What am i doing wrong?
posted 14 Feb 2013, 19:20
Help with some of the features of the APP
@erika 2633: Thanks a lot for the time you took to answer my questions. Some thing are clearer to me now.

Although i think this is the best app there is for tracking calories and nutrients (i have reviewed a view), i still think that the way how the calories are calculated in the excercise box is confusing and in my h.o. wrong.

As far as I understood the RDI is calculated in the following manner: Calories sleeping + calories resting (no activity at all, e.g. a day in front of the tv, not working, etc.) + calories due to activity ( e.g. work) = RDI.

Assuming that you do all those things in a day (meaning you are a working person), any exercise that you do does not replace your work but it is done in addition to it. So it would be logical that the exercise calories are added to the RDI and so gives you a total of calories burned. You can then measure your calorie intake against total calories burned and know exactly if you are working with a calorie deficit or a surplus.

Of course not including the caloriens for activity sets a lower calorie goal (and that is good), i still think that there is an important information missing. I guess i will just have to put up with it...no harm done. Smile
posted 15 Jan 2013, 11:47
Help with some of the features of the APP
Hi there,

i am a newbie that started using this application 1 week ago. I am really surprised how user friendly this application is, but there are some parts of it i do not understand (yet). I have tried to find answers browsing through the differen posts under Tech Help but did not find any topics which would address my questions, so i hope you guys can give me a hand.I am using my Iphone to operate the app.

Here are my questions/observations:

1. The RDI gives you our regular calorie intake allowed. I am supposing that when you do exercise the RDI should increase (logic oif you are trying to maintain your weight), as the energy consumption due to the exercise requires you to eat more calories. Here is what i observed: let´s assume my screen is telling me i am at 110% calories intake against RDI and THEN i input, say, 1 hour of exercise worth 800 calories. Shouldn´t than the percentage RDI be lower as with the exercise i am increasing my RDI. In my case it stays at 110%.

2. I find the capturing of exercise pretty confusing, but worse is that if I input an exercise and i want to delete it...it won´t let me do it.

3. What does this calories resting and calories sleeping mean, and more why do i have to replace the time of exercise in the program with the time of resting or sleeping ?
Why doesn´t it simply register the calories exercised and add it to the RDI ?
Don´t get it!

4. If i compare the total of RDI for a day against the summation of calories for resting and sleeping in the exercise section, the to numbers are different, e.g. tomorrow my RDI is 2100 cal, but the total of calories sleeping and resting is 1781 cal. Where did the difference of 319 cal go? I am assuming that calories resting and sleeping is the calories you can use if not doing any exercise...but maybe i am assuming the wrong thing.

5. Do not understand the information on the front screen in the Food and Exercise box. E.g. Yesterday night in the food box it showed that i had already eaten food worth 3079 cal (did not behave well yesterday). I then entered my exercise of 1 hour running and 45 min dancing (total of 1390 calories), but the the main screen shows 2464 cal in the Exercise box. Should´t the exercise box only show the calories of the exercise?

6. Is there a report in the web page that allows me to print a food log, so that i can give it to my doctor for analysis?

Sorry for these many questions. I hope some of you can help me on this.

Appreciate all your help


posted 12 Jan 2013, 14:14
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