Aug 13

cals: 672kcal | fat: 32.63g | carbs: 70.05g | prot: 20.57g
Includes: Thai Style Chicken and Rice Noodles, pineapple cream cheese, celery. 

Blueberry oatmeal

cals: 423kcal | fat: 5.98g | carbs: 88.01g | prot: 10.07g
Includes: simple harvest, fat free half and half, blueberries, Quaker Instant High fiber. 

cabbage salad

cals: 193kcal | fat: 4.87g | carbs: 18.41g | prot: 21.27g
Includes: cabbage, celery, cucumber, Green Peppers, Olive oil, ideal protein. 

Chai Tea Protein Shake

cals: 413kcal | fat: 12.87g | carbs: 57.43g | prot: 23.41g
Includes: Perfectly Protein Vanilla Chai Tea With Soy Protein, banana, flax seed, Nutritional Shake Mix - Chocolate. 

Chicken Fajitas

cals: 520kcal | fat: 16.21g | carbs: 28.77g | prot: 62.24g
Includes: roast beef, Deli turkey, onions, mushrooms, Green Peppers, Zucchini, Schwans chicken meat for faitas, deli ham. 

corn & Bean Chli

cals: 515kcal | fat: 12.87g | carbs: 69.05g | prot: 33.39g
Includes: beef stew meat, canned corn, green peppers, Kidney beans, Italian stewed tomatoes. 

Herbalife Berry Shake Meal

cals: 366kcal | fat: 7.00g | carbs: 51.81g | prot: 30.20g
Includes: Milk (1% Lowfat with Added Vitamin A), mixed berries, herbalife protein, benefiber, flaxseed, herbalife. 
"Has 1 tbsp flax, benefiber and 2 servings of protein"

Herbalife Protein Breakfast Shake

cals: 427kcal | fat: 6.20g | carbs: 68.37g | prot: 29.34g
Includes: Personalized Protein Powder, milk 2%, banana, Triple Berry Blend, Nutritional Shake Mix - Chocolate. 

Salad Lunch

cals: 445kcal | fat: 19.45g | carbs: 36.36g | prot: 31.80g
Includes: cod, Deli Select Ultra Thin Smoked Ham, sugar free jello, Avacado, mushroom, yellow pepper, carrots, Mixed Baby Greens, spray dressing. 

Sheri Green Salad

cals: 134kcal | fat: 0.55g | carbs: 31.54g | prot: 6.26g
Includes: carrots, pea pods, red peppers, green onions, mixed greens, peppers, peppers, grape tomatoes. 

Southwest Chipoltle Chicken Soup

cals: 498kcal | fat: 8.16g | carbs: 88.80g | prot: 29.44g
Includes: corn tortillas, Mozzarella Cheese (Low Sodium), bear creek, Chicken Breast in Water. 

Y Inn Chef Salad

cals: 266kcal | fat: 15.06g | carbs: 5.70g | prot: 28.19g
Includes: Deli Sliced Ham, Boiled Egg, Albertsons Sliced Roast Beef, Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables, Vegetable Oil, Vinegar. 

Y-iNN Salad 2

cals: 238kcal | fat: 11.60g | carbs: 7.98g | prot: 25.05g
Includes: roast beef, sliced ham, mixed salad, Hard-Boiled Egg, Broccoli, carrots, celery, Green Pepper, Black olives.