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16 June 2016

At the doctor's office yesterday the scale said I weighed 139.6 with clothes and shoes on, so the nurse suggested that I am actually about 2-3lbs less. I was relieved when I stepped on the scale because I don't have one at home, and while my clothes feel a little loose and I actually bought smaller clothes (I can wear a size small now in some cases. :) ), my eating hasn't been great. Therefore I didn't have a good sense for what my weight was. However, it turned out I was really close in my estimation. (I was afraid the scale would say 150+, but I thought it was going to read about 140. The fact that I was only off by 0.4lb makes me feel a little impressed with myself.)

I was just looking back over my weight history. It's kind of wild seeing the change over the span of a year. Even though I'm only about 10lbs less now than I was in 2014, around this same time in 2015 I was weighing 164. So at least by those three markers I have gained 18 pounds and lost 27lb. So my weight has been varying significantly within a 40ish lb range over the last 2-3 years. Granted, I've been under almost the greatest and most prolonged period of stress in my life these past 2-3 years (ESPECIALLY the last 18months), I need to try and maintain better control over my weight so that I don't put too much physical trauma on my body from this pendulum swing pattern I have going on currently.
Weigh-in: 137.0 lb lost so far: 35.0 lb still to go: 7.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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21 April 2016

My post work out weigh in from 3 weeks ago was 137, and today my weigh in before work out was 138.5 (I'm knocking the 1/2 pound off since my clothes and shoes probably more than account for that); therefore, a pound change in three weeks seems acceptable.

I think I'm stronger than I was three weeks ago. Last time when I did my work out I tried to jump up to grab handles on a pull up bar. I think the bar was at a height of 7' and I'm about 5'4-5'5". I could grasp the bar but not hold on. After several attempts another gym patron brought a step stool over to help me reach the bar.

However this time I could jump up and hold on to the handles. I can't really pull myself up further yet, but I let myself hang until my hands slip off. Maybe I'll actually be able to do a pull up in a few weeks.

Also, I feel excited because I did cardio for a cool down. While I hadn't set out to do so, I think I wound up running my fastest mile. (9:54) Woo!
Weigh-in: 138.0 lb lost so far: 34.0 lb still to go: 8.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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04 March 2016

Weigh-in: 135.0 lb lost so far: 37.0 lb still to go: 5.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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20 February 2016

I joined a gym this last week. A friend of mine wanted a workout partner so I'm getting together with her now to actively get more exercise. Today was my gym orientation, which included a fitness test. I first did a bench step test which involved me stepping up and down from an elevated platform (~8" tall) for 3 minutes and then checking my heart rate after resting for a minute. Next I did a bent arm hang, then squats, then push ups and finally crunches. I did fair in most of the other exercises, but I was a little frustrated that I wasn't able to do the bent arm hang longer. My lungs were tired before my arms were; if I wasn't struggling as much to breathe I think I could have held out even longer. As it stands I feel kind of awesome because the trainer who tested me was impressed. (I held on for 56 seconds.) I'm not exactly new to weight training as I used to regularly lift weights with my husband when we were in the habit of working out 2-3 times a week. I remember training to do dips (which I can't really do yet) by hanging from a bar and lowering myself very gradually from a chin up position. I also had my BMI measured using an Omron reader. I wasn't sure what it was going to say because I didn't have the faintest clue what my BMI was. The reading it gave though was a little under 22. So, considering that my initial ultimate goal body fat percentage was 17, it's kind of exciting that I am relatively close to that now. (I know though that dropping that last 4-5% typically is the hardest challenge in the weight loss journey.)

I looked again at my weight graph. In the past year my highest weight was 170lb. That was May 2015. I am currently at the lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life. I weigh about the same now as I did my freshman year of high school (and I thought I was fat back then because I was comparing myself to girls who were younger then me and had more slender frames than I do). I am happy with my current weight and actually hope not to lose much more- if any weight. I want to work on increasing my exercise and lean muscle mass as well as ensuring that I have good eating habits. (I.e, I need to cut down on snacking/ binge eating late at night. I do well with breakfast and lunch currently, it's just my eating habits at home after work that I need to work on.)
Weigh-in: 131.0 lb lost so far: 41.0 lb still to go: 1.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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03 February 2016

Weigh-in: 133.0 lb lost so far: 39.0 lb still to go: 3.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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