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16 June 2012

Good Evening sweeties,

Today was an amazing increase of not only carbs but also fat! My body is enjoying this short lived change for a day and so am I :) Is good to be "back down to earth again".

Monday I start work again...super excited. I have decided that in order to get all of my meals in during the work week, I will prepare and pack my food each night for the following day. If I happen to get any cravings durning the work day (hey they happen) I will always have 1 carbonated water packed. I find that it really fills me up :) The tough part was trying to incorporate my workout schedule into my work schedule...sheez. So I decided that it would probably be best if I go to the gym every morning at 0430 to get my two sessions ( 1 hour and 10 minutes) in and then right after work I will get my muscular endurance routine in which will more than likely end with another session of cardio...but brisk and a 20 minute jog or power walk...just something to cool me down. I will test this out and let you all know how it turns out.

So the goal for this week is to try my hardest to get as close as I can to 131lbs. It's time to turn it up a notch and fine tune the dieting. Wish me luck! Tomorrow I will try and post some pictures :) Goodnight sweeties. Please stay motivated and inspired! We are all worth this new lifestyle!

16 June 2012

16 June 2012

Weigh-in: 136.0 lb lost so far: 10.0 lb still to go: 12.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet MrsSmith324's own diet   losing 2.3 lb a week

15 June 2012

I feel really good right now! It just occurred to me that when I arrived back "home" two weeks ago I was 8 lbs heavier than I am now! Isn't that amazing! Monday I return back to work and I going to wow the heck out of them. Today I am getting my hair braided and tomorrow I will be getting my nails done. OMG for some reason I'' becoming really giddy like a school girl prepping for prom lol. I think it's because Monday marks more than just going back to work. It marks a two week mark of showing my dedication to myself and proving that I can do what's best for my body. Just 13 more pounds to lose and I will have achieved just part of the goal...the other half cannot be measured and concluded, it's just living healthy day by day.

I am so grateful about taking today off. It has showed me a lot about myself and I'm findin that as I sit back and observe every little feeling, thought and craving (if there are any) I'm learning so much. I love it; I adore it. I needed today to recharge myself and I can honestly say that I have done just that. I am going to rock it tomorrow even with my sore head from these braids lol!

15 June 2012

Good Morning Sweeties,

Just wanted to let you know that yesterday I burned 1,310 calories during my lower body was alright but I really have to kick it up a notch if I want to continue to shock my body into transforming. With this being said I decided to take a much needed "Rest" day today. Not active resting nor half resting, an ACTUAL rest day both mentally and physically. Yesterday I did not get in nearly as many calories as I should have (yes I do eat! lol) and it made me super irritable and made me feel out of control. I hate that feeling. I woke up super late yesterday but I still decided to get my gym time in before my first meal. So I didn't end up eating my first meal until 3pm! Can you believe that? Horrible. So I had to get my carbs and healthy fats back up so I had a protein bar (I believe it was by ThinkThin) that was amazing! Sugar and gluten free! And then I also had 2 tbsp of peanut butter. My body was semi-satisfied but an hour later those hunger pains started to arrive again. I felt horrible and I vowed to never let myself get to that point again. I am not only trying to lose weight, I am also trying to build muscle as well. With that being said I MUST EAT enough to complete this goal; I can't achieve my goal by going on detox diets and juice diets and crazy things like that! I must remember that my muscles need this.

So today is definently a time to reflect back on the week and think about what I can do to eliminate this problem from happening again. Over this past week, I have also noticed something else: I have realized that I don't trust my body. This is no bueno! What do I mean by this? Well sweeties, there have been MANY instances this week that required me to push myself harder, all of the signs were there, and...I just didn't. I was stuck in the mindset that, "This worked for me last week, so I am going to do it just like that this week!" NO! That is not the correct mindset to have when you are trying to MOLD your body. I am trying to undergo a transformation here so of course what worked for me last week may not work this week, I can't stay stagnant with my progress I must increase the intensity; I must increase that push! The particular situation that I am talking about is that earlier this week, I was running, and LAST week I was able to run with a pace of 5.8 for the jog, and 6.8 for the run (I do interval training) and that worked for me...LAST week. I had my heart rate in the 180's the entire time (I aim to get it as high as I can) sometimes even grazing 190's! That worked for me...LAST week! I (naively) did the same the beginning of this week. I ran at that same pace...would you like to know what my heart rate was? 164, grazing 170's! Are you serious? So I was caught between a rock in a hard place because my mind was saying, "Listen chica, this was good last week, so this is all you have to do this week to get the same results...if you go harder your just going to tire yourself out", when my body was CLEARLY yelling at the top of it's apparently stronger lungs, "I AM BORED HERE! IF YOU DONT INCREASE THIS INTENSITY, YOUR HEART RATE WILL NOT INCREASE! I MASTERED THIS LEVEL LAST WEEK! GIVE ME A NEW CHALLENGE!" And what did I do? I chose my mind over my body which is INCORRECT! My body (as well as everyone else's) is like a big must be challenged in order to thrive, so who am I to sit there and deny my body that challenge that it is yearning for? Who am I to say, "No" when this is what I am working for. I am working for my body to get stronger, learner and healthier, so why did I decline it when the chance came? Because I was afraid. I was afraid of going harder because I thought that there wasn't a need to, and because of me trusting my mind over my body, I missed a great opportunity to let my body thrive. So the next day (still not fully understanding the body) I ran again..intensity at 6.0 (jog) and 7.0 (run) incline at 2.5. My body still was letting me know that I can go even harder and of course, I did not listen.

I will not let this happen again. I cannot afford to. I have too many goals riding on this transformation to let my own self hinder me. It amazes me everyday how sometime the biggest boulder blocking us from achieving our goals, are ourselves. It happened earlier this week, I will NOT let it happen again. From now on, I am pushing like no other in EVERYTHING that I do regardless of what my mind is thinking. Unfortunately my mind is still within a confined box. I have to learn to work outside of that box regardless of what I am accustomed to doing. So this is the reason why today is an off day. I really needed to examine and dissect every little thing from this past week so that I can better prepare myself for the days to come. So tomorrow I am going to turn it up 1,000watts with my arm routine. I am going to do it, as if it is my first day ever committing to something. I will let you know how that turns out.

Well sweeties, until tomorrow, please stay motivated, inspired AND aware, being sure to listen to your body. It knows when it's ready to take it up a notch or two. Don't be afraid just because it's not something that your accustomed to because in reality, this entire journey is something that we aren't accustomed to but we still faced our fears and decided to change even though it was, in many cases, different from anything that we have done before. We were determined to take that first step. So let's continue to keep that determined mindset and push ourselves each and everyday as if it was our first day trying to attain our goals. Everyday is a day to lose more weight or become even stronger than the day before. Let's not hinder this because of our unwillingness to grow. Let's grow together sweeties. With that being said, please have a wonderful day and take time to reflect back on the week, so that tomorrow (or Monday) will be the start of something that much better.

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