English Breakfast

cals: 268kcal | fat: 15.30g | carbs: 17.82g | prot: 14.56g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Bacon, Philadelphia Natural, light, Eggs. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, fried eggs and bacon"

Fruity Toast

cals: 187kcal | fat: 5.48g | carbs: 28.68g | prot: 5.88g
Includes: Whole Meal Cracker, Philadelphia Natural, light, mango, kiwi. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese, mango and kiwi"

Red Summer on Toast

cals: 174kcal | fat: 5.20g | carbs: 25.14g | prot: 6.32g
Includes: summer berries, Philadelphia Natural, light, Whole Meal Cracker. 
"Whole meal toast with cream cheese and summer berries"

Summer Berry Chocolate Twist

cals: 169kcal | fat: 1.40g | carbs: 29.50g | prot: 9.40g
Includes: curd, all bran choco, all bran flakes, Spcial K Active, summer berries. 
"Strawberry curd with summer berries and high fibre and chocolate cereal melange"

Summer Berry Delight

cals: 161kcal | fat: 0.50g | carbs: 28.67g | prot: 9.51g
Includes: summer berries, crispy bran, All-bran Flakes, optimel, Special K Active. 
"Strawberry curd with summer berries and cereal melange"

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