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At my heaviest I weighed in at a whopping 81 kg. I don't mind being a work in progress as long as I keep moving forward. My choice in nutrition for a lifetime of inflammation fighting foods is ketogenic in nature. I keep my net carbs below 50g a day. If I am craving something "bad" on the weekend, I enjoy every bite and get back to conscious choices, with the very next meal :) I have tried many things and this is by far; for me the most healthy, effective,natural, enjoyable & sustainable. Did I mention absolutely delicious! When my weight loss plateaued recently I started introducing fasting days and it is working like a charm!

Never... ever give up! ♥ ♥

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Parmesan Crusted Chicken Tenders
Sensational low carb chicken dish.
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How does the 5:2 diet works?
No problem. Smile
posted 28 Jul 2015, 04:38
How does the 5:2 diet works?
Great points you have there Big Boy Optimus. I agree with bonthronm different things work for different people so find out what works best for you. Some people eat one 500 calorie meal once a day, others prefer 2 or 3 small ones while some ppl find it easier to just do a liquid fast a few times a week. In terms of nutrition small amounts of protein will also provide satiety. Also include nutrient dense, low calorie but fibrous vegetables (raw or cooked) Dr Mosley recommends avoiding starchy white carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta) and opt for low gi foods and veggies on your fast days to keep blood glucose stable. Fasting as part of your daily routine is very special and has many huge health benefits. When you fast your body produces human growth hormone commonly referred to as the "fitness hormone", insulin sensitivity is improved and blood sugars become more stable. Type 1 Diabetics are advised against fasting. Eexperienced fasters know that the longer they go without food the more fat they will be burning. From the 12th to the 14th hour is optimal for fat burning to happen. This graph makes it easier to understand.

I really would suggest that you watch the Dr Mosley's doccie Eat, Fast and Live Longer then it will make more sense Smile

Here are some meal plans taken from The Fast Diet - Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer.

Breakfast 142 calories
Half a tub of cottage cheese (100g, 78 calories)
One sliced pear (100g, 40 calories)
One fresh fig (55g, 24 calories)
Dinner 341 calories

Sashimi: 3-5 pieces salmon (100g, 180 calories) and tuna (100g, 136 calories) – served with soy sauce,
wasabi and ginger
1 tangerine (70g, 25 calories)

Daily total: 483

Breakfast 197 calories
Porridge made with 40g oats (160 calories) and water. Top with 145g of blueberries (37 calories)

Dinner 306 calories
Chicken stir-fry: cut chicken fillet cut into strips (140g oz, 148 calories). Fry in a non-stick pan in a tsp
olive oil (27 calories) with a tsp finely chopped ginger (2 calories), a tbsp chopped coriander (3
calories), clove of crushed garlic (3 calories), 2 tsp soy sauce (3 calories) and half a squeezed lemon (1
calorie) until browned and sealed, adding water if chicken sticks. Add a handful sugar snap peas (50g, 12
calories), 100g finely sliced cabbage (26 calories) and 2 carrots cut into thin strips (160g, 56 calories),
and cook for 5-10 more minutes until the chicken is cooked, adding water if necessary
1 tangerine (70g/2.5 oz, 25 calories)

Daily total: 494


Breakfast 125 calories
1 boiled egg (61g, 90 calories)
Half a grapefruit (115g, 35 calories)

Dinner 375 calories
Vegetarian chilli: fry a clove of garlic (3 calories) and half a finely chopped red chilli in a tsp olive oil
(27 calories). Add a pinch of cumin and 1 large or 4 small chopped mushrooms (20g, 3 calories) and
cook for five minutes, adding water if it sticks. Add half a tin of chopped tomatoes (200g, 32 calories)
and half a tin of kidney beans (200g, 200 calories), stir and simmer for 10 mins. Serve with 2 tbsp cooked
wild brown rice (80g, 113 calories)

Daily total: 500

Breakfast 194 calories
Smoked salmon (112g, 159 calories)
1 plain Ryvita (35 calories) spread with a tsp light cream cheese (11 calories)

Dinner 303 calories
Thai salad: put 2 tbsp of Thai fish sauce (20 calories), the juice of one lime (20g, 1 calorie), a tsp sugar
(16 calories), 2 sliced spring onions (20g, 5 calories) and 1 red chilli, finely chopped (1 calorie) into a
bowl. Mix well. Add 10 small cooked prawns (30g, 30 calories) 2 grated carrots (160g, 56 calories) and
50g vermicelli noodles (194 calories), soaked according to instructions. Toss well

Daily total: 497 calories

Breakfast 171 calories
Strawberry smoothie: blend a banana (100g, 95 calories), a pot of fat-free natural yoghurt (150g, 62
calories), a large handful of strawberries (50g, 14 calories), a splash of water and some ice until thick
and creamy. Serve immediately

Dinner 325 calories
Oven-baked smoked haddock: place a fillet of smoked haddock (200g, 202 calories) on a non-stick
baking tray and roast for 15–20 minutes, until fish is cooked through. Serve with a poached egg (61g, 90
calories) and sprigs of lightly steamed tender stem broccoli (100g, 33 calories)

Daily total: 496 calories

Breakfast 233 calories
Dipped apple: slice one apple (100g, 47 calories) and one mango (150g, 86 calories) and serve with 2
tbsp of half-fat crème fraîche ‘dip’ (100 calories)

Dinner 255 calories
Tuna, bean and garlic salad: put 140g canned cannellini beans (108 calories), 120g good-quality canned
tuna in spring water (119 calories), 6 chopped cherry tomatoes (90g, 16 calories) and a generous handful
of baby leaf spinach (30g, 8 calories) in a salad bowl. Mix well. Drizzle over a dressing made from 1
clove of crushed garlic (3 calories), the juice and zest of 1 lemon (1 calorie) and a splash of white wine

Daily total – 488 calories

Breakfast 140 calories
1 boiled egg (90 calories)
A slice of ham (23g, 25 calories)
One tangerine (25 calories)

Dinner 358 calories
Mexican pizza: take 1 tortilla (55g, 144 calories) and top with 2 tbsp passata (5 calories), 3 small diced
balls of light mozzarella (90g, 159 calories), and scatter with chopped vegetables: mushrooms, red
pepper, courgette, red onion, aubergine, spinach are all OK (170g, 50 calories). Cook in hot oven for 5-
10 minutes

Daily total – 498 calories

Breakfast 256 calories
Scrambled eggs: add a splash of skimmed milk (15g, 5 calories) to 2 beaten eggs (180 calories) and
scramble in a non-stick frying pan (no added oil or butter). Chop 50g smoked salmon (71 calories) and
stir into the eggs

Dinner 238 calories
Roasted vegetable salad: mix together 10 cherry tomatoes (150g, 27 calories), with half a sliced courgette
(50g, 9 calories), half a sliced aubergine (75g, 11 calories), 1 sliced red pepper (160g, 51 calories).
Scatter with basil leaves (1 calorie) and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Roast in a hot oven for 20-–25
minutes. Serve with 2 tbsp Parmesan (20g, 90 calories)
2 tangerines (140g, 50 calories)

Daily total – 494 calories

Breakfast 130 calories
1 small pot of natural fat-free yoghurt (150g, 62 calories)
70g blueberries (18 calories)
Two slices ham (46g, 50 calories)

Dinner 360 calories
Feta Niçoise: chop and mix together 1 egg (90 calories), a handful of lettuce (20g, 3 calories), a handful
of cooked green beans (50g, 12 calories), and 100g chopped cucumber (10 calories). Top with 90g
crumbled feta cheese (225 calories), six black olives (18g, 19 calories) and 1 tbsp chopped parsley (1
calorie). Drizzle with white wine vinegar to serve

Daily total – 490 calories

DAY 10

Breakfast 280 calories
100g grilled kipper (280 calories)

Dinner 217 calories
Fast-day Insalata Caprese: slice 3 small balls of low-fat mozzarella (90g, 159 calories) and place on a
plate with 1 sliced beef tomato (150g, 27 calories). Scatter with fresh basil and drizzle with good-quality
balsamic vinegar (3ml, 6 calories)
8 strawberries (96g, 26 calories)

Daily total – 497

There are many 5:2 recipe and eating plan books online and many of them are free. If you are on Amazon or Ebay you will be able to search the ebook freebies. There are also many 5:2 community type groups on FaceBook where fasters share experiences, recipes and ask a myriad of fasting type questions. Good luck!
posted 28 Jul 2015, 03:23
What else can we drink
ieGod...did you see the study was fully funded by The American Beverage Association. Say no more.

People can drink whatever they want to. . I wouldn't put that in my body if you paid me. Artificial sweeteners and chemicals not real nutrition and in my opinion not a good choice if you are striving for a slim and healthy body. Well that's all I have to say on this subject. I'm over and out! Smile The rest of you can fight this one out.
posted 21 Jul 2015, 11:15
What else can we drink
No problem Big Boy Optimus. The Coke Zero is obviously a whole lot better than regular Coke, especially if you are trying to wean yourself from a sugary diet. The main concern are the ingredients listed on the can many of them difficult to pronounce chemicals. There has also been a theory that aspartame can cause an insulin like response which would be counter productive if weight loss is desired. Anyway I'm not here to judge merely answering the op's question. Have a great day!
posted 19 Jul 2015, 01:22
What else can we drink
Lots and lots of red wine. Joking! The best thirst quencher is humble h20. Make it your friend and before you know it your body not only craves it but needs it to. Many many health benefits and you need it if you aiming for weight loss. Unfortunately fizzy cooldrinks are not part of a healthy Banting / Low Carb lifestyle.
posted 18 Jul 2015, 11:22
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