Banana Berry Protein Smoothie

cals: 262kcal | fat: 11.82g | carbs: 25.12g | prot: 18.79g
Includes: Bananas, Raspberries, Spectrum Organic Ground Flaxseed, Silk Pure Almond Milk - Unsweetened Original, Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate Unflavored. 
"My take on the Dr. Oz slim down smoothie. "

Oatmeal with chia seed and blueberries

cals: 255kcal | fat: 8.46g | carbs: 42.27g | prot: 8.53g
Includes: Whole Milk, 100% Whole Grain Oatmeal, Chia Seed, Blueberries. 

Tuna wrap

cals: 332kcal | fat: 8.43g | carbs: 17.04g | prot: 52.03g
Includes: tuna, spinach, Flatbread Light Original, Cholesterol Free Canola Mayonnaise. 

Turkey wrap

cals: 228kcal | fat: 10.25g | carbs: 17.75g | prot: 24.00g
Includes: Flatbread Light Original, Cholesterol Free Canola Mayonnaise, Turkey Breast Medallions.