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Hi! I'm a fashion industry professional. I just quit my 15 year smoking habit and gained an extra 20 pounds to my 10 pounds that I already wanted to lose. I'm fairly healthy but having a really hard time losing the weight.

I love fashion!!! Can't wait to get back into my size 2/4 dresses and a bikini. I have a dog, who really is my best friend (lol), I love to cook. I excel at both extremely healthy and UNhealthy cooking...which makes it hard for me to follow a diet sometimes, cuz I can make a dessert out of anything.

Just looking for support so I can stop hiding from my friends and co-workers. I feel like the weight tortures me mentally and affects every decision I make in every area of my life. It might also be holding me back in my career (because I participate less now)

Sending everyone lots of luck, love, and I'm here to support you as I hope you are for we can ALL HAVE A BETTER LIFE. THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE.

IS this too much info for bio? hahaha... Also, love to laugh.

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ready for it!
posted 21 Mar 2012, 21:47
Befor photo
I think I'm gonna post a before photo today...Aaaah!!! I think it will help me stay motivated. Omg. sorry in advance. lol yikes. Accountability!!!! I need it. I can't lie in a picture.
posted 21 Mar 2012, 15:11
CDl517 - Go to My Account...My diet and reset RDI Smile
posted 21 Mar 2012, 14:46
Thanks for all of the advice guys!!! I suppose you're right. I have done fad dieting, cleansing, and quick weight loss diets my whole life. I personally believe this is what caused my hypoglycemia. At 130 lbs...I was also seeing a bariatric doctor in Bev Hills. Which, I know, sounds CRAZY right?!! Well, at 130 pounds I felt obese! Unacceptable. I started taking prescription diet pills, lypotropic shots, and he's the one that put me on a 900 kcal diet/day drinking meal replacements and eating one meal a day. So, this has seemed normal to me for the last 10 years of my life.

I live in LA and work with public personas and models on a daily basis and have them surrounding me in my social life. The pressure to look a certain way, especially when in fashion (and you are trying to get them to trust their image in your hands), is PREPOSTEROUSLY daunting. I have been hiding from my friends and avoiding social situations because I don't want people to see me or take my picture and say "she got fat". I guess I feel like my career and social life is suffering because of my hiding. I really do want to lose this weight fast. I feel like my life is passing me by while I sit here and count calories. Like my youth is being sucked right out from under me. I say that, because although now that I feel this way at 150...I felt this way at 130. So, I guess I've been curbing my life, on and off, for a good 2.5 years now...and it just got worse with quitting smoking.. It's mental. It must sound so sad to all of you, but, this is the life I live in, and unfortunately this is my reality and my world. Unfortunately the pressures and the business in itself most likely are not going to change, but I want to have a healthy view of myself and my body that is based in reality. I DO want to do it in a healthy way...and a way that will become natural for me to sustain. I can't stand the yo-yo-ing. I think that's why I'm mentally exhausted when it comes to dieting. I am on FS seeking support from all of you because, I need it. That being said. I'm ready and open to trying new ways of thinking and going about achieving my goals for long term success and happy healthy living with my mind in the right place Smile

Until I hit 150 (which honestly, I felt like I might as well be dead - my life was over) I thought 130 pounds was HUGE!!! Now, I just wanna be 130 again. The perspective from gaining these 20 pounds has been enormous. I've always been a binger. I've never "purged", but starving and binging, feeling guilty and working out like a maniac has always been my cycle. I've always gone up and down with those 10-15 pounds from 118-132. So, yes...I do see how the 900 kcals might be/have been the start of the problem...

But, If you look at my food diary...I did do some time where I was eating 5 meals a day at 300 kcals/meal. That felt like a lot of food for me and nothing was happening.

I also have dinners at places that I'm sure use whole sticks of butter to make buerre blanc, lots of wine, and cocktails is a norm for work meetings. At times I can not resist!! lol and I'm not taking diet pills which is also a new step for me and makes it difficult because I actually get hungry. hahaha.

I'm gonna take your advice and move up to 1200 kcal/day. I think 118-120 is an okay goal for me. I've never been rail thin. I really do have tiny bone structure. I've always exercised and preferred the "healthy look", and I'm a little more curvy no matter my size anyhow, so it's a comfortable goal for me. I get scared eating so many carbs...but as you see, I embraced it 100++ carbs a day was like forcing myself to eat glass and believe it wouldn't cut me, but I tried it. And btw, I go through a 3 lb. bag of spinach a week and eat lots of yellow and red peppers. I do tend to stay away from fruit except for all berries and I drink SHAKEOLOGY every morning, which is the equivalent to eating 24 servings of fruits and veggies every day. I do make sure I get the basics in...also, I'm slightly vein, haha, so...I make sure I eat the good stuff for my skin and lots of salmon and fish oils, flax oil, etc.

I cant tell you enough how much your caring and taking the time to give me advice means to me. Thank you. It did not fall on deaf ears Smile

posted 21 Mar 2012, 13:13
THANK YOU to EVERYBODY!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, help make things clearer and for the support! Means a lot. Best wishes and good luck to you all ;D
posted 20 Mar 2012, 16:47
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