BK Chicken

cals: 760kcal | fat: 33.00g | carbs: 90.00g | prot: 28.00g
Includes: Burger King Chicken Sandwich No Mayo, burger king fry. 

BK Croissant Breakfast

cals: 570kcal | fat: 32.00g | carbs: 50.00g | prot: 13.00g
Includes: Burger King Egg & Cheese Croissan'wich, burger king hash browns. 

Cold Breakfast

cals: 542kcal | fat: 3.23g | carbs: 126.41g | prot: 14.84g
Includes: Grapefruit, Light Vanilla Soy Milk, apple, banana, shreded wheat bran. 

Kid's Pack

cals: 550kcal | fat: 33.00g | carbs: 58.00g | prot: 9.00g
Includes: Peanut M&M's, Popcorn, Indiana Popcorn, Indiana movie popcorn. 

McGriddle Breakfast

cals: 570kcal | fat: 27.00g | carbs: 63.00g | prot: 16.00g
Includes: mcdonalds hash brown, egg and cheese mcgriddle mcdonalds. 

Rice and Beans

cals: 623kcal | fat: 9.38g | carbs: 118.58g | prot: 18.26g
Includes: brown rice, lettuce, Celery, Baby Carrots, baked tostito, medium Picante sauce, diced tomato chili, guac, black beans cumin. 


cals: 345kcal | fat: 1.89g | carbs: 74.95g | prot: 7.29g
Includes: soymilk, banana, great value fruit. 

Standard Hot Breakfast

cals: 456kcal | fat: 7.83g | carbs: 83.83g | prot: 20.09g
Includes: Grapefruit, Light Vanilla Soy Milk, flax seed, ezekiel 4:9 cinnamon Raisin bread, 10 Grain Hot Cereal.