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11 February 2016

[Feb 9, 2016] EDC1972 asks:"I am wondering, do any of you smoke cigarettes? Do you think it curbs your appetite? Question: would you rather be 25 lbs overweight, or be addicted to cigarettes?"
My Answer: "It is proven when you stop smoking your metabolism slows way down (perhaps from the lack of stimulant) I quit smoking - gained 50lbs - started smoking again and didn't lose a single pound. Smoking doesn't make me lose weight - not smoking I gain weight. Starting smoking after stopping I maintain the weight... unless I do something about it such as controlled eating and exercise. I am currently smoking and will quit again. I would rather be healthy. The restriction of oxygen can't be good for weight management. Plus my face and skin isn't as flawless as my never had a cigarette a day in their life friends. I can do this. I am an expert at quitting smoking. It's the relapsing I have to watch out for. Thanks for posting this. At one time in my life I would have rather been dead than overweight. I'm still obese but doing something towards my goal is just as good as reaching my goal psychologically."
Both!~ No cigarette addiction and of healthy weight please.

22 January 2016

I believe I need to start drinking coffee again for weightloss. It suppresses my appetite and instead of eating I am drinking something and feeling full on an empty stomach.

I found my daughter's glasses in my car and took them to her at school and on my way back to work I said F*** it and went to McDonald's drive thru. I ordered WAY too much and ate it all in one sitting. Then I fought to stay awake at my desk as the food coma set in. I wanted to leave work, go home, and go to bed. I stayed. I probably closed my eyes for a good 10 minutes of dreams and luckily composed myself seconds before my boss walked in so she never knew.

I had mcDonalds again for breakfast. I am craving Lo-Mein noodles for lunch. I have plans to go to an all you can eat buffet after work - crab legs. Probably pizza Sat night then I need to do something to change my ways. Adding coffee back will be a great start.

14 January 2016

07 January 2016

I can't believe I went to boot camp class last night. It just confirmed how out of shape I really am and I regret not going for almost a year. I modified everything and at one point the fitness trainer asked if I was ok because instead of doing the next set of reps... I was sitting in the back of the class red face and wheezing. But I made it, I sweat a lot... and I felt amazing afterwards.

The only down side was standing on the scale and seeing I have only lost .4 pounds. Not even a whole pound, not even half a pound. I felt discouraged (as I often do when I discover the scale gives me numbers I do not like or feel I deserve) My own disappointment is contributed to the fact I had higher expectations when I weighed myself. (Reason # 220 why I don't like weighing in) When I stand on the scale randomly not expecting to see any results - and there is a decline in my weight I feel elated, inspired, and very motivated to keep up the progress.

I didn't have dinner last night because my daughter and I went to a painting party and snacked all night on what my friend said was healthy snacks. I on the other hand felt they weren't healthy at all... I didn't count, I didn't stop, and I didn't say no to the carb laden Tastefully simple beer bread made with Gumption (OMG YUM) I was offered a drink because out of reflex I said I would have one - then turned it down once it was placed in front of me because I remembered my goal to NOT DRINK for all of 2016 - which has been tough mentally because I love drinking. I smelled the drink instead because for some reason... smelling things makes me not ingest them orally.

I still had fun... and I still drove home like I was drunk because I was so tired probably from all the carbs I ate and the fact that I have been averaging 4 hours of sleep a night.

This morning I made tuna salad using light tuna in a packet (water not oil) light mayonnaise, and some dill relish. Now... Tuna has never been my first choice or a go to food for comfort or binge eating sprees. I just feel like it's something healthy people eat, or something I should be eating if I am healthy minded. I don't really mind the taste, in fact, I am snacking on it right now. It is safe to say I won't be over indulging... or kissing anybody anytime soon with this fish breath I have going on now.

I contemplated a restaurant in my town that served only healthy food like steamed vegi's. That's when I realized... If I want to eat steamed vegi's just the way I like them... I have to make them for myself... no one else is going to!

Tonight for dinner I want to make my hot turkey cheese melts in the over paired with wedge salads. I feel like I need more vegetables in my diet and WAY less sodium.

06 January 2016

So I waited until I was starving and I ate way more pork last night than I intended. It was so tender it melted in your mouth... and someone else made it so it tasted even more delicious. I believe the recommended amount is 3 oz per meal... I'm pretty sure I had at least 9oz but I'm not sure. It was in small pieces not one solid chunk. (Love the slow cooker) I even ate a forbidden biscuit. Needless to say, I was one miserably stuffed tired chick at the end of the meal. I am attributing it to my stomach shrinking.

This morning....... I had a yummy Atkins Farmhouse style sausage scramble. This frozen food company is 3 for 3 right now. I love them. I'm pretty sure it's all the sodium that has me loving these meals. The bacon scramble another favorite. I only ever had the Chicken broccoli alfredo before & it was very very very very good. I will test them out on their shrimp scampi, and swedish meatballs soon (both in my freezer) Hopefully I will be able to make my own in bulk and freeze and enjoy just as much as these to save money and sodium... if not Atkins does a mighty fine job of preparing and packaging them for me just fine ;)

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