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04 August 2014

02 July 2014

Funny Comic:

The high carbohydrate content of the Clif bar I ate yesterday made me have hunger pains. I also read online Clif bars are one of the worse things to eat – they are designed for people who climb mountains all day – not a person who just does high intensity interval training at the gym once a night. My co-worker’s son is an athlete and she said her son eats them so apparently I somehow got my hands on a diet no no. *note to anyone struggling to gain weight – these might be a great option for you – so delicious*

So during my hunger pains I researched Arby’s and Taco Bell’s nutritional menus looking for something to eat on my way to auditions. I drove 30 minutes with all the change I could find in my hand anticipating which drive through I would succumb to. I put my change away and headed straight to the theatre because I didn’t want to be late.

After auditions, I drove past both fast food restaurants and headed straight home where I cooked my "goto" meal (egg whites, spinach, mushrooms) 2 bites in I just couldn’t get into it.. I felt it was missing something…

At lunch I went to the grocery store to buy some flavored coffee since I ran out and I was not impressed by their selection. Then for some odd reason my eyes were seduced by the raw bean sprouts in the fresh produce aisle. I guess I thought raw bean sprouts are what was missing from my "goto" meal. And left over white bean salsa.


YUK! Raw bean sprouts and cooked egg whites do not go together. The salsa was too spicy – my meal was bland boring and nasty tasting. I’m shocked my dog ate my leftovers without complaining. I finally figured out what was missing… MEAT! It was missing high fat and salt content sage flavored crumbled sausage within each bite… mmmm… *drool

My biggest obstacle today (and last night) is my daughter’s family size bag of Doritos. I find myself licking the salt and tossing the chips to my dog to eat so I don’t get the calories or the carbs. It sucks. I eat a few of them but hey – at least it’s not the whole bag anymore.

01 July 2014

> > > P O S T O F S H A M E < < <

It took a lot of courage to come here and write this although my first thought was to run and hide and not hold myself accountable.

Well, feeling sick Friday made me totally screw up my eating habits for the past 3+ days. Instead of one slice of pizza, I ate 3. I drank 7UP to make my stomach feel better and to make the nausea subside. Whatever calorie deficit I had going - it's gone. I'm doing a really good job not beating myself up over this because I've been here before... way to many times to count.

So today I am starting over, or should I say: Continuing my progress towards goal. I'm going to pretend I didn't slip up on a major binge and reset my 30 days for today. So August 1st I will weigh myself & remeasure. My progress from the past few weeks I will think of as a trial run. I got this!

27 June 2014

25 June 2014

I wanted to eat something other than my usual egg white, spinach, mushroom, black bean meal so I went to Wal-Mart and bought one of their cold already cooked rotisserie chickens. Lemon Pepper flavor. I reheated it in the oven but before I put it in I poured the chicken grease/drippings from the container over the chicken "for flavor". I found some frozen broccoli in my freezer and tried cooking it in the microwave with 2 tbls of real butter and water since I keep reading everywhere butter is ok and better than margarine. (I grew up on margarine - probably why I'm overweight - I would add it to everything)

So something made me feel bloated with an upset stomach all night. Heartburn kept me awake and I missed 4 hours of work this morning because my stomach hurt. I'm guessing it's either the chicken grease... or the butter... I still don't feel right and regret changing my usual meal because I don't feel light anymore. I still have no appetite and feel full.

I brought the chicken broccoli and left over black beans in to eat for lunch if I get hungry but I'm afraid I'm going to get sick again. I will make myself eat it about 2pm to give it time to digest before I go work out at 4pm. This is a major incentive to switch back to my usual meal of egg whites.

Other news - Having a planned cheat day is awesome. I will look at food I crave in the moment (for instance last night it was mac & cheese) and tell myself it will be ok to eat it on Saturday... and suddenly I don't want to eat it at all. It's like I only want the best of the best food on Saturday and that lousy mac & cheese wouldn't live up to my expectations when there are so many other amazing food choices I could splurge on instead.

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