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29 July 2014

25 July 2014

Well at least one of the pounds came off. Why is it when I am really trying, tracking everything, exercising almost everyday, I don't loose anything, but then I have a week where I have no time to exercise, I don't track and I loose a pound. Not that I am complaining, I am just confused. But I will take it.

I have had a very long, frustrating week. To sum it up, you can't fix stupid and when people get really frustrating just walk away. However, I got to go out on my pontoon boat and do some fishing last night which was very relaxing even with my 4 year old talking constantly. It was just me, my husband, and daughter and was some very nice time. It helped to wipe away the anger I was feeling.

This morning started just as good. I didn't go for my run, but slept in, had some wonderful adult time with my husband (wink), and a nice long shower and a wonderful cup of coffee. I may have to kill one of my dogs, but they have been cooped up a lot this week so I may just let it go and try to get them outside this morning to play while I wait for a phone call I am suppose to get. My back is hurting me from all of the sitting in the car and that is where I hold all my stress so I am going to try to get an easy, but good workout in today with some stretching. If anyone knows any good ways to stretch out your back while sitting in a car restrained by a seatbelt I am all ears!

Have a great weekend everyone! Remember my motto: Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it and You can't fix stupid.
Weigh-in: 184.0 lb lost so far: 5.0 lb still to go: 47.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (2 comments) on diet Weight Watchers   losing 0.9 lb a week

17 July 2014

Weigh-in: 185.0 lb lost so far: 4.0 lb still to go: 48.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (6 comments) on diet Weight Watchers   gaining 0.9 lb a week

14 July 2014

New week, new attitude. However, I am not starting it out very well. Monday morning and I am already in a blah mood. I went for my morning run this morning, but wound up walking as much as I ran. I admit I was doing intervals, walk/jog/run full out/jog/walk and I still finished in the hour I a lot for the morning. Otis (our puppy) enjoyed it as well, and was well behaved for the most part. There was some traffic so he got some car training as I call it. We were chased by a cow, and we chased a rabbit. I saw a doe and am so glad he didn't see it or I think I would have taken a detour through the woods. Stop laughing! Not that funny! Well, maybe it would have been, hanging onto the lease, yelling to stop, while arms and legs are failing all about. Let's do the hookie pookie and turn ourselves around!! Lol!

I know I am feeling down because we have a viewing to go to this afternoon and I am just not very good in these situations. I am guessing no one really is. Do you hug the person, not hug, what do you say, ect. I have a weird view on death that most people don't understand so I will probably just say I am sorry and talk very little. My husband wanted to go to the funeral until he found out it will be a full catholic funeral with a full mass. I told him he can still go, but our 4 year old will not be able to sit through that. Too be honest, I am not sure I can sit through that or him for that matter. 40 min funerals are hard, 1-1/2 hours is almost torture. Not to joke at a time like this, but maybe cops would have better luck getting the truth out of criminals if they make the sit through mass over and over again until they talk.

I don't have much to do in the office this morning and as it is muggie I am toying with the idea of a morning swim before we get in the car and head to the view. I know I should be cleaning the bedroom carpet, but the pool is really tugging at me. I haven't gotten a chance to my laps since Thursday and really want to do some. Also, my daughter is swimming without a lifevest in the deep end now and having so much fun. Last night, I taught her how to tread water and float. She was upset when I told her she had to get out because it was bedtime. We have an underwater light and go swimming after the sun goes down - nothing on TV anyway.

I fell off the wagon a little with my eating last week. Not completely off the wagon, but am being dragged by it. I need to buckle down this week and get back on track.

12 July 2014

Well, it's been a long week and with TOM's arrival it has been a sluggish one as well. TOM is such a rude houseguest! He comes, wants me to eat everything in the house, makes me bloated, gives me stomach pain, and then gives me a headache on top of that. Too bad he has a standing invitation every month Lol!

I did fairly well with exercise this week as I did not have to travel. I was suppose to travel on Friday, but the job was rescheduled to next Thursday. I was able to get two 4 mile runs in, one 45 min zumba class with my daughter, 10 mins of yoga, and at least 5 hours in the swimming pool if not more (most spent playing and giving my daughter a swimming lesson, but also managed to do 150 laps, 50 aquajogging laps, and 300 aquajacks which are jumping jacks in the pool)

I was so tired yesterday, that my husband took my daughter and watched her and told me to go take a nap. Even with 2 interruptions it still was enough to give me the energy to make it through the rest of my day and get rid of my headache. Today, my daughter was up early starving to death so hopefully she will nap this afternoon and I can get another one.

I thought I blew my eating yesterday because I went easy for dinner and bought a pizza hut cheesy bits pizza and took it out on the boat for dinner, but I still managed to stay under 1500 calories. Yipee!! Pizza was delicious too.

Hope all of you are doing great too!

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