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03 February 2016

Well, still no change, but I admit I probably am still overeating. I am having trouble still at night with the snacking because I am so tired around 7, but still have to get my daughter to be at 9 and then like to spend sometime watching TV with my husband, but lately all I do is fall asleep on the couch.

Yesterday was a great day. I didn't get to my zumba class, but I had plenty of activity chaperoning my daughter's first field trip. Bowling in the morning and roller skating in the afternoon. I was on my feet all morning and since my daughter didn't know how to roller skate at the beginning of the day, put on a pair of skates and spent an hour skating her around. She went out on her own though by the end of the day and loved it. Now she can't wait to do both activities again.

She was still going at 2:30 when we got home, but boy was I wiped out. It probably didn't help that she ate half my lunch as well as her own and I didn't want the grease of the snake bar, so I waited until I got home. Still blew it though.

My husband commented that he thinks I am loosing but the scale is still 10 pounds up from October. I have noticed that I feel fatter now that I am exercising more. Maybe I am just noticing the fat more now. Don't know. Well, I have got some cleaning to do and a run to muscle through. I so want to go back to bed right now.
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27 January 2016

Well, I blew it yesterday! Wow! I keep telling myself to exercise but what did I do on my slow day? Curled up on the couch and watch a movie that I didn't even like the first time I saw it and overeat. I also took a nap. I was really tired yesterday for some reason. Why is it so hard to stay motivated on a cold overcast day in January?

In the past I would bust my ass to fix it today, but I am turning over a new leaf and being easier on myself as everyone else expects perfection I should be the one to cut myself a break. With that said, I am going to better today. Yesterday was the first day since last Thursday that I ate after dinner, so I just need to reaffirm that same goal and start again. I wish I knew the damage yesterday caused on the scale but the batteries died in it yesterday and instead of running on double a's it has to have one of those stupid round ones so now I guess I take the week off from weighing because I am not going to the store till Sunday.

On a positive note. I got a great night''s sleep and my low calorie risotto recipe I made for dinner last night was a great success. Even my 5 year old daughter loved it. Well, I have to go get the family up for the day!

Good morning and have a great one!

26 January 2016

Weigh-in: 181.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 44.0 lb Diet followed N/A

25 January 2016

Thank you to all of my buddies that responded to my Friday Journal. It touched me to the point of tears. I was to the point that I thought no one really cared.

I took the weekend to do some soul searching and decided that I really want to do this and without Zoloft to make me feel happy, so if I sound down or depressed, please let me know. I will make sure to throw in an extra workout. I tell my husband I like winter, but I am not sure I really do. I hate being cold and wearing more layers than my bed. It's better when it is snowing because it is at least usually in the 20 to 30's and there is stuff to do outside. I would love to go snowshoeing but we would have to get at least a foot of snow first.

Today is the beginning of a new week. I am going to be more on top of logging my food and paying attention to what I am eating. Since I have a down week, I am going to try and get a workout in everyday. Today is my 3rd day of running in the 4th week of my couch to 5K workout app. (Got an Ipad for Christmas, it was the first thing I downloaded). I am going to do my zumba ab video and my new yoga for runners stretching workout on my new yoga app. (again my ipad).


22 January 2016

I don't know how to describe this week. Yesterday is the only day so far that I stayed on target and that only because I have reached the end of my rope. Everyone says you have to make a lifestyle change yet all of the changes I need to make to lose weight are so unappealing that I have a hard time sticking with it and then when I do fall of the wagon it's months before I reach the fed up point again and then I am angry for weeks because I have to give up the stuff I love the most. Also, veggies may be good for you, but the side effects can be awfully painful and embarrassing.

Maybe this would be easier with a support system, but since I don't have that I guess I will just have to get stronger. As my husband said today, we are both loners and maybe that is why we get along so well. We can work side by side for a common goal, but still do our own thing. Sometimes though it would be nice to have a girl friend to just shoot the bull with, complain with, hang with ect. It's hard always having to be one of the guys, but that is what I have and I can't say I am unhappy.

Well, I am going to go get an extra run in for the week but also run off some of my anger. I had to go on-site today 3 hours in the car and they didn't wait for my input and just did it anyway. What a waste of my time. Only consolation is I get paid while I am in the car and I will get a good workout as I run faster when I am pissed off.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. If you are getting the snowstorm, I envy you. I would love a few feet.

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