Chicken Divan

cals: 536kcal | fat: 22.38g | carbs: 48.18g | prot: 35.23g
Includes: Chicken, Cream of Celery, Brocolli, Jasmine Rice, Light Mayo, Shredded Cheddar Cheese. 
"Chicken, Rice, Brocolli in Cheese Sauce"

Egg Scramble (1 Egg, 2 Whites, Cheese, and Deli Meat)

cals: 273kcal | fat: 10.75g | carbs: 6.32g | prot: 34.13g
Includes: egg white, part skim mozzarella, Milk (Nonfat), deli turkey, jumbo egg. 
"DELICIOUS Egg Scramble (1 Egg, 2 Whites, 1/5 cup Cheese, and 1 serving Deli Meat)"


cals: 253kcal | fat: 11.12g | carbs: 17.95g | prot: 18.93g
Includes: Egg, Egg White, Brocolli, Pie Crust, Swiss Cheese, Knorr Mix, Tomato. 
"Vegetable and Cheese Quiche, Serving is 1/6th of Pie"

Tuna Casserole

cals: 426kcal | fat: 10.40g | carbs: 51.13g | prot: 31.99g
Includes: Cream of Mushroom, Green Beans, Mushrooms, Panko Italian Breadcrumbs, Albacore Tuna, Natures Promise Mac & Cheese. 
"Mac 'n' cheese with tuna and veggies"