4 oz coffee

cals: 22kcal | fat: 1.00g | carbs: 3.45g | prot: 0.13g
Includes: coffee, creamer, Splenda, Equal. 

Low Calorie Breakfast

cals: 197kcal | fat: 1.16g | carbs: 44.02g | prot: 5.09g
Includes: English Muffin, Honey, Earl Grey Tea, strawberry jam. 
"Tea and Muffin"


cals: 518kcal | fat: 12.95g | carbs: 46.00g | prot: 43.32g
Includes: Roasted Light Turkey Meat, crystal light, Brocoli, Steamed Rice. 
"Roast turkey, steamed rice, and brocoli"