1 Ham Sandwich

cals: 233kcal | fat: 6.68g | carbs: 33.63g | prot: 11.10g
Includes: Mayonnaise, Hill Country Fare Wheat Bread (Hill Country Fare), Hill Country Fare Cooked Ham Smoked. 

1 protein shake

cals: 248kcal | fat: 1.05g | carbs: 31.42g | prot: 27.92g
Includes: Skim or Nonfat Milk (Calcium Fortified), Nature's Plus Spiru-Tein Chocolate Soy Protein Powder, Vibrant Health Green Vibrance. 

Beet Soup

cals: 207kcal | fat: 7.40g | carbs: 18.73g | prot: 20.86g
Includes: White Flour, Bush's Best Navy Beans, Beets, Garlic, Kale, Onions, Water, Morton Sea Salt, Member's Mark Mozzarella & Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage, Better than Bouillon Chicken Base. 

Beet Soup with Corn and Potato

cals: 181kcal | fat: 0.93g | carbs: 37.32g | prot: 8.19g
Includes: White Flour, Corn, Beets, Garlic, Onions, Sweet Red Peppers, Water, Better than Bouillon Beef Base, Black Beans (Canned). 

Beet Vinaigrette

cals: 150kcal | fat: 13.50g | carbs: 6.01g | prot: 0.75g
Includes: Vinegar, Olive Oil, Morton Sea Salt, Biotta Beet Juice. 


cals: 160kcal | fat: 1.50g | carbs: 23.00g | prot: 12.00g
Includes: egg white, Tostitos Medium Salsa, Mission Yellow Corn Tortillas. 

Breakfast - Yogurt Oat

cals: 375kcal | fat: 17.25g | carbs: 46.10g | prot: 12.40g
Includes: Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, Dannon Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt, Sunsweet Dried Pitted Prunes, Kroger Walnut Halves and Pieces, Spectrum Chia Seeds. 

Carrot Salad

cals: 92kcal | fat: 4.76g | carbs: 12.99g | prot: 1.13g
Includes: sesame oil, lemon juice, carrot. 

Chia Vinaigrette

cals: 187kcal | fat: 17.57g | carbs: 6.29g | prot: 2.31g
Includes: Olive Oil, Lemon Juice (Canned or Bottled), Morton Sea Salt, Minced Garlic, Spectrum Chia Seeds. 

Chick Pea Salad

cals: 285kcal | fat: 8.18g | carbs: 42.14g | prot: 12.23g
Includes: roasted red pepper, capers, olive oil, lemon juice, onion, chick peas. 

Cucumber and Onion Summer Salad

cals: 50kcal | fat: 0.19g | carbs: 9.91g | prot: 0.94g
Includes: sugar, vinegar, cucumber, onion. 

Egg White, Bac, Red Pepper - with Tortilla

cals: 384kcal | fat: 13.34g | carbs: 29.34g | prot: 33.11g
Includes: Red Sweet Pepper, Olive Oil, Mission Flour Tortillas (Fajita Size), Egg Beaters All Natural 100% Egg Whites, Kirkland Signature Crumbled Bacon. 

individual noodle soup

cals: 345kcal | fat: 18.27g | carbs: 16.82g | prot: 9.83g
Includes: egg, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, mushroom, baby carrot, coconut oil, hoisin, red onion, dashi, green chile, mi chay. 

Israeli Cous Cous Salad

cals: 250kcal | fat: 3.50g | carbs: 51.64g | prot: 8.82g
Includes: plum tomato, sugar, vinegar, olive oil, cucumber, garlic, onion, israeli cous cous. 

lentil soup

cals: 531kcal | fat: 29.70g | carbs: 41.61g | prot: 26.17g
Includes: lentils, olive oil, carrot, onion, canned tomato, italian sausage. 

Moroccan Chicken with Cous Cous (Jenny's) by member mtreyger

cals: 507kcal | fat: 12.85g | carbs: 66.42g | prot: 27.49g
Includes: chicken, chicken broth, carrot, garlic, onion, zucchini, canned diced tomatoes, cous cous, garbanzo beans. 
"1 cup Cous Cous and 1.5 cup of soup"

My Miso Soup

cals: 79kcal | fat: 3.33g | carbs: 5.93g | prot: 7.10g
Includes: Wakame Seaweed, Firm Silken Tofu, Hikari Miso Miso Shiro, Ajinomoto Hon Dashi. 

My Ramen

cals: 337kcal | fat: 16.30g | carbs: 33.91g | prot: 11.45g
Includes: Egg, Wakame Seaweed, House of Tsang Hoisin Sauce, Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup - Chicken Flavor, Huy Fong Foods Sambal Oelek Ground Fresh Chili Paste, Golden Farms French Fried Onions. 

Noodle Soup

cals: 488kcal | fat: 16.98g | carbs: 70.12g | prot: 16.25g
Includes: Egg, cilantro, coconut oil, sesame oil, oyster sauce, baby bok choy, garlic, onion, fresh green onion, Enoki Mushrooms, carrot , sriracha, chinese noodle. 

Pasta Salad with Black Beans and Corn

cals: 392kcal | fat: 5.68g | carbs: 72.70g | prot: 14.73g
Includes: Tomatoes, Corn, Olive Oil, Carrots, Onions, Sweet Red Peppers, Kroger Red Wine Vinegar, Rotini, Black Beans (Canned). 


cals: 305kcal | fat: 10.00g | carbs: 47.00g | prot: 9.50g
Includes: jiff peanut butter, grape jelly, bread. 

Quinoa Salad

cals: 206kcal | fat: 3.14g | carbs: 39.02g | prot: 7.57g
Includes: mint leaves, lemon juice, cucumber, quinoa, tomato. 
"in one cup of salad..."


cals: 363kcal | fat: 17.53g | carbs: 34.85g | prot: 20.70g
Includes: tomato, mixed greens, cottage cheese, Avocados, Blueberries, carrots, onion, kosher salt, balsamic vinegar. 

Subway with Mom

cals: 360kcal | fat: 7.50g | carbs: 53.00g | prot: 22.00g
Includes: subway 6" turkey, subway provolone, subway honey mustard. 

Sweet Potato Salad

cals: 352kcal | fat: 12.65g | carbs: 56.08g | prot: 8.64g
Includes: Corn, Vinegar, Olive Oil, Avocados, Green Peppers, Sweet Potato, Mt. Olive Roasted Red Peppers, Black Beans (Canned), Red Onions. 

Sweet Potato Soup

cals: 360kcal | fat: 8.61g | carbs: 64.18g | prot: 10.92g
Includes: Corn, Garlic, Onions, Sweet Potato, Red Tomatoes (Stewed, Canned), Sweet Red Peppers, Black Beans (Canned), Huy Fong Foods Sambal Oelek Ground Fresh Chili Paste, Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, Better than Bouillon Chicken Base. 

Tomato and Mango Salsa (Jenny's)

cals: 115kcal | fat: 0.34g | carbs: 29.50g | prot: 2.35g
Includes: lime juice, cilantro, mango, garlic, grape tomato, red onion. 

Zucchini Salad

cals: 76kcal | fat: 1.92g | carbs: 11.65g | prot: 4.81g
Includes: zucchini, miso.