Curried Quinoa - 1 Cup

cals: 316kcal | fat: 8.13g | carbs: 54.66g | prot: 8.99g
Includes: raisins, water, curry powder, garlic powder, onion powder, olive oil, dry red peppers, quinoa, sea salt. 

Curried Quinoa - 1/2 Cup

cals: 158kcal | fat: 4.13g | carbs: 27.31g | prot: 4.50g
Includes: raisins, water, curry powder, garlic powder, onion powder, olive oil, dry red pepper, sea salt, quinoa. 

Curried Wheat and Barley Berries - 1 Cup (1/6 of recipe)

cals: 319kcal | fat: 5.47g | carbs: 62.74g | prot: 8.81g
Includes: olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, dried red peppers, curry powder, sea salt, raisins, water, barley berries, wheat berries. 

Hemp Shake - raisins, spinach, green beans, kale, almonds

cals: 362kcal | fat: 17.16g | carbs: 49.08g | prot: 19.11g
Includes: Raisins, Archer Farms Raw Almonds Unsalted, Baby Spinach, Xagave Agave Nectar, Green beans, Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi-Fiber, baby kale. 

Pepper Smoothie

cals: 307kcal | fat: 20.74g | carbs: 24.52g | prot: 7.45g
Includes: raisins - 1 tbsp, Lime Juice, Sunflower Oil, super advanced whey protein, sweet mini peppers. 

Plum Pudding meal

cals: 541kcal | fat: 28.21g | carbs: 63.85g | prot: 17.72g
Includes: Brussels Sprouts, Kroger Creamy Peanut Butter, Plum Pudding 1-1-14 (amber sauce is separate), Amber Sauce, 3 tbsps. 

Potato Soup - Vegan - 1.5 Cups (1/10 of recipe)

cals: 235kcal | fat: 8.66g | carbs: 31.94g | prot: 9.10g
Includes: walnuts, water, onion powder, black pepper, olive oil, kikoman soy sauce, Organic 3 Grain Tempeh, russett potatoes, Dry Roasted Edamame, sea salt, Miso. 

Spinach Shake 12-11-13

cals: 420kcal | fat: 23.73g | carbs: 50.84g | prot: 17.62g
Includes: Raisins, Oranges, Baby Spinach, Xagave Agave Nectar, Bybee Foods Organic Mixed Vegetables with Shelled Edamame, Organic Hemp Protein Hi-Fiber, Diamond of California Chopped Walnuts. 

Split Pea Soup with Chipotle Pintos - 1.5 Cups

cals: 230kcal | fat: 3.68g | carbs: 38.08g | prot: 12.31g
Includes: Split Pea Soup, Pinto Beans. 

Veggie Muffins - 1 muffin

cals: 94kcal | fat: 3.06g | carbs: 15.19g | prot: 2.87g
Includes: whole wheat flour, salt, coconut oil, raisins, honey, egg replacer, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate whey protein, baking soda, Organic Mixed Vegetable with shelled edamame. 

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